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The correct height to cut your grass depends on what type of grass is in your yard. For example, cool-season grasses should be at about 2.5 inches. Cut cool-season grasses when the grass reaches about 3.5 to 4 inches.

Long a household name for automobiles, Honda is now breaking ground on being an equally ubiquitous name for lawnmowers. Honda produces easy-to-use quality lawn mowers to help you get the job done.

But perhaps the difficult part isn't mowing your yard, but rather it's choosing which lawn mower is best for your yard type and mowing style. Peruse the guide we've created to aid in selecting  the best Honda lawn mower for your needs, including the Honda Walk-Behind Lawn Mower with Electric Start, our top pick because of its durability and available features.

Considerations when choosing Honda lawn mowers

The first question you should ask yourself before purchasing a Honda lawn mower is, "How much effort do I want to put forth while mowing my lawn?" The answer to that question will dictate whether a push mower or a walk-behind mower is better for you.

Push mower: A push mower is durable and lightweight, but it requires you to push it. They cost less than walk-behind mowers because there is no mechanical drive functionality.

Walk-behind mower: Similar in design to push mowers, walk-behind mowers are physically easier to operate. The force that moves the mower is the engine rather than your legs. Various speeds are available to mow at whatever pace you desire. These models cost more because they incorporate a transmission and other mechanical parts.


Bag capacity refers to how much grass clippings the lawn mower can contain in the attached bag that's designed to capture clippings so they aren't left behind on the lawn.

Blade safety system aids in preventing multiple engine stops and restarts. Rather than stop the engine to move a stick or other object in your way and then start it up again, the system allows the engine to be running while the blade rotation is stopped.

Clip direction dictates whether the grass clippings will be bagged, mulched, shredded, or discharged.

Cutting height varies between each series of lawn mower. You can adjust the cutting height to choose how much your grass will be clipped.

Decks on lawn mowers protect your feet from the blade. Each Honda deck measures 21 inches in diameter.

Electric-start mowers start with the turn of a key rather than the age-old (and physically challenging) technique of yanking on a starter cord.

Engine type determines the power of the mower. Honda offers two engine types, a 4.4 horsepower and a 5.1 horsepower. Both are four-stroke gasoline engines.

Handle positioning can be of utmost importance for those who are short in stature or who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist-related ailments. Some Honda series offer adjustable handle positions.

Transmission control dictates at what speed the lawn mower will operate. The more control of the transmission you have, the more you can pinpoint your speed. Honda offers adjustable smart-drive transmissions, select-drive transmissions, and cruise control hydrostatic transmissions. Each adjusts speeds differently.

Honda lawn mower prices

Inexpensive to moderately priced Honda lawn mowers cost $300 to $800. For more expensive mowers that either have more features or are for commercial use, expect to pay around $1,000.


Q. Can I mow up brush and leaves with my lawn mower?

A. It depends on the series of lawn mower you own. You are more than likely able to mow up leaves for mulch, but twigs and brush may get stuck in the mower's blades or dull them.

Q. Is it safe to let my children mow the lawn?

A. It depends on the age of the child, mostly. Children must be able to properly reach the controls as well as know how to operate the machine. It's recommended to wait until children reach the teenage years before showing them how to safely operate a push mower.

Honda lawn mowers we recommend

Best of the best: Honda Walk-Behind Lawn Mower With Electric Start

Our take: A highly durable mower with extra features that's perfect for the beginner mower as well as the advanced.

What we like: This self-propelled lawn mower offers various features, one of which determines how much grass is being mulched and how much is being bagged.

What we dislike: The mower itself weighs a whopping 93 pounds, which can be difficult for smaller people to maneuver.

Best bang for your buck: Honda 3-in-1 Walk-Behind Lawn Mower With Auto Choke

Our take: An affordable option for first-time home owners or duplex residents, this self-propelled mower has twin-cutting blades for efficient mulching.

What we like: Users can adjust the speed anywhere from zero to 4 miles per hour.

What we dislike: The mower sports a smaller bag, which means you will need to empty it more often while mowing.

Choice 3: Honda Walk-Behind Self-Propelled Mower

Our take: A stellar mower choice because of its Roto-Stop capabilities, which allows the engine to run while the blades are stopped, and the sturdy NeXite deck, which comes with a lifetime warranty. For those who are serious about mowing.

What we like: There are both cruise- and speed-control functions as well as mulching and cutting capabilities.

What we dislike: It may require several decent pulls before starting, which isn't easy for those with little upper-body strength.

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