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Amber Van Wort

Henna tattoos work best on thicker skin areas, such as your hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. Avoid your neck and face, as the tattoos won’t apply as smoothly.

People have been practicing the art of henna tattooing for thousands of years, and it has only increased in popularity. Today, you can create beautiful henna body art at home with a variety of comprehensive and affordable kits. But finding the right kit for you can be a bit of a learning curve. 

Henna powder comes from the dried, crushed leaves of the henna plant. The powder is then mixed with oils and used to temporarily stain your skin in any pattern you desire. This powder is often used to dye clothing and hair as well. 

We've listed tips and recommendations that can help you find the right henna tattoo kit for you, including our favorite pick, the Comdoit Indian Henna Tattoo Kit. This feature-packed set comes with all the tools and stencils you need to get started.

Considerations when choosing henna tattoo kits

Types of kits

Starter kits: For those new to the art, a henna starter kit is usually the best option. You can find starter kits with a mix of materials and stencils that sit at a reasonable price point. These kits are perfect for testing out different materials and techniques to see which you like best without investing too much money.

Premixed kits: Kits with premixed henna come ready-to-use. They often include an applicator cone, which allows you to easily apply henna to a large group of people for a wedding or other event, though it does require more skill than most starter kits. 

Powder kits: Powder kits require you to mix the dry henna powder with essential oils before application. This process can be messy and should be reserved for those with more experience. The powder kits tend to last longer on the skin and come with more versatile application options. They are also easier to store. 


Traditional henna paste is naturally a red-brown color. It goes on light and usually dries a bit darker. You can also find kits with added dyes that alter the tattoo color to black, pink, red, white, blue, and more. 



Pens, disposable cones, and reusable squeeze bottles are the most common types of applicators used for henna tattoos. Henna pens, while convenient, don't usually last long on your skin. Disposable cones dispense henna onto your skin through a small tip. Squeeze bottles work similarly to cones but with different-size nozzles so you can create more versatile designs.


Henna tattoo kits that come with stencils are great for beginners or those who aren't confident in their ability to draw designs freehand. The best stencils come with an adhesive back, which allows you to create intricate designs without the stencil sliding all over your skin. 


Some of the more feature-packed henna tattoo kits come with extra items that simplify the tattooing process. Transfer paper for custom designs, essential oils for powder henna, and nylon cloth for straining the henna paste are just a few common extras you may find.


Always apply henna to freshly washed and dried skin.
Use a piece of paper to test your design and get comfortable with your applicator before applying henna to your skin.
Henna tattoos darken over time, but if you're in a rush you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process.
After sitting for roughly two hours, you should cover your henna tattoo with plastic wrap and allow it to sit for another six to 12 hours.
Always wear protective gloves when applying henna to avoid staining your hands accidentally.

Henna tattoo prices 

Depending on the contents of your henna tattoo kit, prices can range from $6 to $75. Kits that include cones with premixed henna paste or henna tattoo pens usually come in around $6 to $15. Adding stencils to the kit can push you into the $30 price range and feature-packed kits with all the extras can cost between $30 and $75. 


Q. How long do henna tattoos last?

A. You can expect your henna tattoo to last between one and three weeks, depending on where it is placed and how frequently it comes into contact with water. 

Q. Are henna tattoos safe to use?

A. Traditional henna kits use an all-natural dye, which is safe to use on your skin. The dye doesn't penetrate the skin either, so there is no fear of it entering your bloodstream. However, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to the henna paste, so you should always do a small spot test first. Additionally, henna tattoos should not be applied to children, especially those with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

Henna tattoo kits we recommend

Best of the best: Comdoit Indian Henna Tattoo Kit

Our take: An easy-to-use kit with organically sourced henna paste and all the stencils you need. 

What we like: Set includes quality stencils and application bottles that make applying the paste simple. Henna paste is organically sourced, waterproof, and lasts for up to seven days.

What we dislike: The color could be a little more pigmented. 

Best bang for your buck: Terra Tattoos Temporary Henna-Inspired Metallic Tattoos 

Our take: Get the henna tattoo look without having to deal with any messy paste.

What we like: Easy press-on tattoos that look like authentic henna. Metallic finish complements any skin tone. Set of 75 tattoos sits at a low price point. 

What we dislike: Tattoos wash off easily so they don't last very long. 

Choice 3: Pinkiou Henna Tattoo Stickers

Our take: Realistic-looking set of henna stickers that are beautiful and mess-free. Perfect for music festivals and other outdoor events.

What we like: Stickers look like real henna. Wide variety of designs available. Easy mess-free application. 

What we dislike: Some of the smaller, intricate designs can be difficult to apply.

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