Best Halloween costumes for 2018

Allen Foster

Best Halloween costumes for 2018.

Originally, masks were worn to protect people from the creatures that roamed the earth on Halloween. If you happened to bump into a ghost while you were wearing a mask, it would mistake you for a kindred spirit and leave you alone.

Nowadays, we wear full costumes on Halloween. For kids, it's a means to an end: if you don't have a costume, that stingy lady at the end of the street won't give you any candy. For adults, it's a chance to escape your day-to-day to become anyone or anything you'd like.

The best costumes are either timely, clever, or both. Here are a few that are perfect for 2018.


What's your favorite superpower? Strength? Speed? Flight? Time travel? Whatever it is, it can be yours this Halloween when you dress up as Black Panther, Okoye, Ant-man, the Wasp, Deadpool, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, or any one of the countless Avengers. But why stop there? If you want to be the most powerful of all, in just a snap, you can don a Thanos outfit.

The Incredibles

Yes, we did just cover superheroes. But The Incredibles are truly in a league of their own. You can dress up as Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet, or Jack Jack. If you want to make a real impact this Halloween, grab four of your friends and suit up as the entire family!


Everybody loves dinosaurs! This year, why not be the coolest cold-blooded creature ever, a T-Rex! With an oversized inflatable dinosaur costume, you'll be the hit of the party, and that's good because you'll need a friend to help you - those tiny arms are a challenge.


With the monolithic success of Sharknado, Jaws, and numerous other movies, how can you not want to be a shark for Halloween? The coolest thing about this costume is you can either be the shark... or the victim. That's right, in some versions of the costume, the wearer's head and an arm are comically sticking out of the mouth of a giant shark.

Fortnite Character

Technically, Fortnite was released halfway through 2017, but it's still going strong. As far as being a household name, it's right up there with games like World of Warcraft. The options are endless: Brite Bomber, Skull Trooper, Black Knight, Crackshot, Default Girl, Raptor, Rabbid Raider, Survivor Specialist, and more. Like The Incredibles, if there are a bunch of you, you can celebrate Halloween as a team.

Catch Phrase

Popular phrases like "fake news" or "squad goals" or buzzwords like "woke" or "adulting" are always creative options. Remember writing "book" on your face a few years ago so you could be "Facebook?" Think of a clever way to represent a popular phrase or term as a costume, then see how long it takes the other partygoers to figure out what you are.


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