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Samantha Bookman

Garden kneeler benches can double as extra outdoor seating during summertime parties, and as a shoe storage bench in the entryway during the winter.

Anyone who's into backyard gardening knows the stiffness and aches that come with this otherwise relaxing hobby. Long periods of bending over or kneeling to pull weeds, transplant seedlings, and tie up vines can take its toll on the hardiest individual. A garden kneeler bench reduces strain, allowing you to work for much longer without discomfort, and it has storage for some tools for even more convenience.

The popularity of garden kneeler benches means that quite a few different models are available. Check out our product guide below to help you decide which one is right for you, or consider our product recommendations, including our top choice, the Ohohu Garden Kneeler and Seat.

Considerations when choosing garden kneeler benches

Garden kneeler benches give you the option to either sit comfortably on a padded bench-style seat or to kneel on a padded surface to get closer to the work area. This isn't just a better way to garden; it also keeps the user clean and prevents grass and dirt stains on clothing.

Three popular designs are easy to find. A flip bench can be turned upside down so that the bench is at ground level, with an extra pad in place to protect the knees. A folding bench can unfold into a sitting configuration or fold down to kneel on or to store. A storage bench has more capacity for gardening tools and supplies.

A garden kneeler bench needs to be both comfortable and easy to move from place to place. It needs to have a small footprint so that the user can get as close to the plants as possible. And it needs to accommodate the size and height of the user.


Look for these specific features when shopping for a garden kneeler bench:

Sturdy support: Stainless steel legs hold up well against weight and weather. If opting for a plastic kneeler bench, stay away from models that seem flimsy and whose support legs flex when under load.

Adequate padding: Make sure the foam padding of the bench isn't too thin, and that the padding is comfortable to kneel on.

Proper width: If the handles of a kneeler bench press into your hips or thighs when sitting, the bench is too narrow and will be uncomfortable to use. Extra-wide benches are available.

Portability: Lightweight kneeler benches are good for gardeners who just want to grab the bench and move to the next work area, though they'll miss out on storage capacity. Those who want to carry more with them should consider a kneeler bench with wheels or a lift handle.

Storability: If storage space is at a premium, look for a folding kneeler bench. These fold almost flat so that the bench can be tucked away into a narrow space.

Capacity: Flip benches and folding benches often can be purchased with tool holders that attach to the side of the bench using a hook-and-loop strap. Storage benches have much more room for tools and supplies.

Garden kneeler bench prices

Weather-resistant plastic storage benches with good capacity can be found for about $25. Folding or flip benches, regardless of storage capacity, range from $33 to $49.


Q. I left a metal kneeler bench outside all winter, and even though it was advertised as weather resistant, the legs rusted badly. Why did this happen?

A. The key word here is "resistant," which is a somewhat fluid term. Steel bench legs that aren't coated with a weather-resistant material are much more susceptible to weather damage if they're left outside all year round. If you're buying a bench with metal legs, look for one with a powder coating -- this tends to resist the elements the best.

Q. The folding garden kneeler bench I have is very wobbly. How can I fix this?

A. Make sure that the legs of the folding bench are locked in place, and that you always use the bench on a firm surface that is as flat as possible. Some gardeners bring a mat with them (even a yoga mat) to set the bench on so the legs don't sink into the soil. Using the bench with the legs unlocked is dangerous because it can collapse with you on it, which is unpleasant at best and can cause injury. If you are unable to lock the legs properly, stop using the bench and replace it.

Garden kneeler benches we recommend

Best of the best: Ohohu Garden Kneeler and Seat

Our take: Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to flip, this versatile bench will serve you for years to come.

What we like: Users can quickly change from sitting on the bench to kneeling and use the support legs for balance. The Ohohu folds up easily for flat storage. Two removable tool bags make carting garden tools around that much easier. Its 330-pound weight capacity earns our approval.

What we dislike: The kneeler pad is thinner than the bench pad and less comfortable.

Best bang for your buck: Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 Garden Stool

Our take: Solves the storage capacity versus portability impasse with a nested design, enabling gardeners to take everything they need in one go.

What we like: The rolling storage bin carries everything needed for an afternoon in the garden, and the flip-style kneeler bench attaches easily. It's all small enough to carry and is very weather-resistant.

What we dislike: The bench is lower to the ground than we like.

Choice 3: TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat

Our take: A wider bench seat, sturdy padding, and heavy-duty tool bags make this bench a pleasure to use.

What we like: Thicker foam padding on both sides of this seat makes sitting and kneeling more comfortable. The legs lock out sturdy and are easy to unlock and fold. And the tool bags are a standout, boasting wide pockets that hold plenty of stuff.

What we dislike: The center support is plastic and can give way when knelt on.

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