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Peter McPherson

Though G-Shock watches are built to last and endure the elements, they should still be treated carefully and cleaned regularly, just as with any watch.

Casio's G-Shock watches have long been known for their incredibly durable designs and traditionally digital displays. G-Shock now offers several series of watches that present an overwhelming number of options.

All G-Shock watches have durable designs that are shock resistant and water resistant, but the most rugged models are generally more expensive. While digital displays have been the mainstay for G-Shock, they do offer analog-digital models as well. For example, our favorite product is the analog-digital Military Series watch from Casio. Though there are a few features that are standard, additional features like countdown timers, solar-powered batteries, and compasses are available.

A G-Shock watch can be an investment, and it's one that should last you for a decade or more. Our guide breaks down the choices to help you find the right watch for your needs.

Considerations when choosing G-shock watches

Any G-Shock watch, whether it's sporty or military-style, is designed to take quite a beating. Where they vary most is in their timekeeping style and their size.

Digital vs. analog-digital

G-Shock watches are traditionally digital, but they offer several analog-digital models. A digital G-Shock offers the classic look that has defined the brand since its conception. The numbers are usually large and easy to read, and the LED backlights allow for easy reading in dark environments. The display can be set to 12- or 24-hour format.

Analog-digital G-Shock watches usually have large, visible hands and a smaller digital screen. These are a great choice for anyone who likes the look of an analog timepiece but enjoys the features offered by a digital watch. Since there is more information displayed on the face, G-Shock's analog-digital models are usually larger.


Most G-Shock batteries can last two years or more, with some models lasting decades if treated well. Their solar-powered watches can last for seven months without charging.


The blocky, utilitarian style of their watches lend toward larger cases, which can be uncomfortable if you have small wrists.Though modern G-Shock watches are known for their extra-large cases, smaller options are available for those with smaller wrists. If you don't want a heavy, clunky case sliding around on your wrist, consider one of their more compact options.



While most models include a stopwatch and calendar, the functions of G-Shock watches vary greatly depending on their intended use. Some of their more expensive models measure things like temperature, barometric pressure, and direction readings. More common features include countdown timers and multiple alarms.


Though all G-Shock watches are water resistant, some may offer up to 200 meters of water resistance for diving.


The band of most G-Shock watches is a flexible urethane, but some of their more expensive options have metal link bands.


The price of G-Shock watches varies widely with many budget-friendly options available, as well as a few high-end luxury watches.

Basic digital G-Shock watches cost from $35 to $60, while midrange models with more features cost from $60 to $120. For $120 to $350 are specialty watches with features designed for specific tasks or environments. Collector's models may cost as much as $5,000.


Q. Does G-Shock offer men's and women's watches?

A. Yes, they do have men's and women's series, as well as unisex series. However, their watches are similar in style and can be worn by anyone.

Q. What does "atomic" mean?

A. G-Shock's atomic watches keep extremely accurate time by communicating with the atomic clock in Colorado. By remaining constantly synchronized, these watches can keep near-perfect time.

G-Shock watches we recommend

Best of the best: G-Shock Analog-Digital GA100-1A1

Our take: This is a large and durable watch with a classic G-Shock look that won't break the bank.

What we like: Despite the price, this watch comes with several great functions, and the case is incredibly durable.

What we dislike: The backlight does not make the screen easy to read in dark environments.

Best bang for your buck: G-Shock Digital G7900A

Our take: The smaller size of this model makes it a great choice for anyone who doesn't want their watch to dominate their wrist.

What we like: We appreciate the comfortable smaller design of this watch and its selection of features. Works well in cold environments.

What we dislike: Some may find the display difficult to read.

Choice 3: G-Shock Solar Analog-Digital AWGM100B-1A

Our take: This atomic watch features solar power and is fairly small compared to most G-Shock watches.

What we like: The lightweight and compact design makes this one of the more comfortable G-Shock watches, and its impressive battery means you never need to worry about losing a charge.

What we dislike: Both the analog and digital displays can be difficult to read at times.

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