The best fleece jacket

Ade Hennis

Some fleece jackets are made with natural materials such as hemp.

When temperatures drop, fleece jackets can be practical and stylish. They’re lightweight and made of materials such as polyester to provide comfort.

Certain fleece jackets have features such as moisture-wicking and anti-perspiration to help keep you dry. Our top choice, The North Face TKA Glacier Full-Zip Jacket, is soft and features zippered pockets. 

What to know before you buy a fleece jacket


Depending on the brand, a fleece jacket can fit tightly or loosely on the body. Most fleece jackets fit regularly or slightly loose but check the product listing for fit descriptions. Additionally, take into consideration the clothing you’ll be wearing underneath because that can affect the fit of the jacket.

Washing and drying

Proper care is needed when washing and drying a fleece jacket. Fleece is a delicate material, so warm or hot water can damage the jacket and can cause it to shed fibers inside of the washing machine. It’s generally best to use cold water when washing a fleece jacket.

When drying a fleece jacket, don’t use high temperature settings. Instead, use low settings such as tumble, or let it air dry. The product listing and tags on the jacket will provide the proper washing and drying instructions. 

Fleece jacket features


Most fleece jackets feature a main zipper that allows you to open and close the jacket. Depending on the brand, the zipper will open the entire length of the jacket or halfway.


Fleece jackets tend to provide spacious pockets that comfortably fit your hands and a variety of items. These jackets will have pockets in various areas including the lower region, the upper chest and sometimes even on the sleeves. Certain models will have pockets with zippers.


A hooded fleece jacket can be useful when it’s raining, or if you just want to cover your head. You’ll be able to adjust the tightness of the hood by using the drawstrings attached to the jacket.

Fleece jacket cost 

Fleece jackets are very common, so there are many that cost under $20. The more premium options are $70 or more. You’ll find quality jackets that cost anywhere from $40 to $70.

Fleece jacket FAQ

Do fleece jackets keep you warm?

A. Fleece jackets can provide warmth when temperatures drop during the evening in the spring and summer. A heavier coat may be needed for the winter and low-temperature conditions, but you could use a fleece jacket as an underlayer. You should definitely consider your geographical location and climate before deciding to wear a fleece jacket.

What do you wear under a fleece jacket?

A. Feel free to wear whatever you prefer under a fleece jacket. If you want to keep it simple, wear a T-shirt underneath. You could also wear the fleece jacket opened up, and style it with a shirt of a matching color.

Which fleece jacket should I get?

Best of the best fleece jacket

The North Face TKA Glacier Full-Zip Jacket: available at Amazon

Our take: This fleece jacket has a stylish look with a lightweight feel that’s perfect for layering.

What we like: This jacket is made of recycled fleece, which is an eco-friendlier alternative to regular fleece. The zippered pockets are quite spacious. 

What we dislike: You may need additional layers in cold temperatures due to the lightweight design.   

Best bang for your buck fleece jacket

Amazon Essentials Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket: available at Amazon

Our take: This is an affordable jacket that is soft and comfortable to wear.

What we like: It’s available in 26 different colors and patterns, and the zippered pockets keep belongings safe.

What we dislike: Consumer feedback indicates that it sheds, but it should stop after several washes. 

Honorable mention fleece jacket

Under Armour Rival Fleece Hoodie: available at Amazon

Our take: Whether you want an athletic or casual look, this hooded fleece jacket can be worn in a variety of outfits.

What we like: The hood on this jacket helps protect against rainy weather and the sun. The jacket uses a special fleece fabric to wick moisture.

What we dislike: It’s known to run small and could possibly even shrink. It may be beneficial to order a size up from your regular size.   

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