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Jennifer Blair

For the closest, smoothest shave, move your electric shaver over your skin in the direction of hair growth.

Daily shaving with a razor can be a real hassle. Not only is there the risk of razor burn and other nicks and cuts, but it can also take up a significant chunk of time in the morning. With an electric shaver, you can make your shaving routine more efficient and less hazardous -- and Braun is definitely a name you can trust when it comes to reliable, feature-packed shavers. The brand offers both corded and cordless options, as well as models with a trimmer feature to help you shape your facial hair, which make Braun electric shavers some of the most versatile, too.

Check out our guide to learn all you need to choose the best Braun electric shaver for your grooming routine. We've also included some specific shaver options, including our top choice, the Series 9 Cordless Electric Foil Shaver, which features four blades for a super close shave and two specialized trimmers to tackle thicker hair.

Considerations when choosing Braun electric shavers

Running time

An electric shaver's running time determines how often you'll need to charge it. Braun offers electric shavers that can go for as little as 20 minutes, as well as models that will last up to 60 minutes. In general, it's best to choose a model with approximately 45 minutes of running time per charge, so you're not constantly needing to recharge your shaver.

Charging time

It's also important to consider a Braun electric shaver's charging time in case you forget to plug it in after your last use and the battery is dead the next time you need a shave. Nearly all Braun electric shavers require an hour of plugged-in charging time, but some models have a quick-charge option that requires only five minutes to provide enough power to get through a single shave.


Wet/dry shaving

All electric shavers can be used for dry shaving, but some models are also suitable for wet, gel, and/or foam shaving. Most of Braun's electric shavers allow for wet and dry shaving, but some lower-end models meant for travel can only be used dry.

Power cord

While all Braun electric shavers are designed to be used without a cord, many models include a power cord, so you're able to use your shaver even if the battery isn't fully charged. If you opt for a travel Braun model that runs on traditional AA batteries, though, it won't include a power cord. You have to add fresh batteries when the old ones run out of juice.

LED Display

High-end Braun electric shavers usually have an LED display for an extremely user-friendly shaving experience. It displays all the key information about your shaver, including the battery charge level and whether it requires cleaning.


It can be extremely convenient to have an electric shaver with a trimmer that allows you to cut longer hair or shape your facial hair. Braun offers models with a pop-out trimmer, as well as shavers with trimmer attachments. Attachments are typically more versatile because they usually include at least two combs, so you can adjust the trimming length.

Ease of cleaning

Braun electric shavers can be cleaned by simply rinsing them under running water, which is an extremely easy process. But some higher-end models include a cleaning feature as part of their charging station to make that process even easier. The shaver is cleaned and lubricated while it sits in the base to be charged, so you don't have to do any work yourself.

Braun electric shaver prices

Braun electric shavers typically range from $25 to $325. Basic models that are ideal for travel or anyone new to electric shaving usually cost between $25 and $100. You can expect to pay between $100 and $175 for Braun shavers with some extra features and more advanced technology, though. The most advanced feature-packed Braun electric shavers cost between $175 and $325.


Q. What type of blades do Braun electric shavers have?

A. Braun electric shavers feature foil blades rather than rotary blades. Foil blades are gentler on the skin because they move in a straight line, so they don't travel over the same area of skin multiple times. Foil blades also provide an extremely close, precise shave. 

Q. Does an electric shaver make hair grow back thicker?

A. An electric shaver doesn't affect the thickness of the hair when it grows back. Unlike manual razors, which usually cut on an angle, an electric shaver cuts the hair straight. That blunt edge can make the hair appear thicker initially, but it isn't actually any coarser.

Braun electric shavers we recommend

Best of the best: Braun Series 9 Cordless Electric Foil Shaver

Our take: The best electric shaver Braun makes. It's more expensive than most, but you're paying for top quality and plenty of versatile features.

What we like: Offers four cutting elements and a skin guard to prevent irritation. Motor provides 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute to improve shaving efficiency. Allows for wet, dry, foam, and gel shaving. Boasts a run time of up to 50 minutes.

What we dislike: Features a bulkier design than some of Braun's other high-end models. One of the most expensive options, too.

Best bang for your buck: Braun Series 7 Cordless Electric Foil Shaver

Our take: A high-performing, feature-packed shaver that still comes in at a fairly affordable price point.

What we like: Features a sleek, slim shaving head. Autosense technology helps pick up as many hairs as possible with each stroke. Clean and charge station makes cleaning the shaver as easy as possible. Offers 50 minutes of shaving time.

What we dislike: Doesn't offer as much power as the Series 9, but it still provides an excellent performance.

Choice 3: Electric Series 3 ProSkin Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Our take: A basic electric shaver that offers a good shave, though its battery life isn't as long as some users might like.

What we like: Provides many of the same features as higher-end models at a much more affordable price. Features a built-in precision trimmer. Can be used for wet, dry, foam, or gel shaving. Precision head can fit in small areas like under the nose.

What we dislike: Offers approximately half the battery life of higher-end models.

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