The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Pet Owners

You and your pet are sure to love these bargains
Dog treats


Real pet parents never forget about their loved ones when shopping, whether it be picking up treats on a regular grocery store or including them on their holiday shopping lists. And Amazon Prime Day is no different. Fortunately, the e-commerce giant is rolling out its best prices of the year during its annual celebration, which will make getting everything your pet needs even easier. Everything on sale comes with free, two-day shipping, so you can buy with confidence it’ll be there before you know it.

Check out these deals on pet essentials that we think are too good to pass up:

Pet 'n Shape Made in USA - Beef Bone Natural Dog Treat

Does your dog love to chew? A natural bone may be exactly what he needs to satisfy his urge. Pet ‘n Shape Chewz beef bones are all natural, and are just right for medium-sized dogs. And because they are natural, they are both satisfying and nutritious. If you make your purchase today, you’ll save with a Prime Day discount. An affordable price of $9.68 for a pack of three adds up to a good deal for you and your best friend.

Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover

Your dog may love to take rides, but you probably don’t like the cleanup after she gets out of the car. Maybe she’s a shedder, a drooler, or tends to get car sick. A Plush Paws seat cover is exactly what you need to protect your vehicle’s interior without limiting your dog’s joyrides or trips to the vet. Made of tough, waterproof material with harnesses and slip-proof silicone backing, this cover is designed to keep pet hair and accidents off your car seats and stay put. If you make your purchase today, you can also take advantage of great Prime Day price of $36.00, down from $50.

Petrainer Upgraded Version Dog Shock Collar

You may not like the idea of a shock collar, but it’s actually a handy training tool that helps keep dogs safe by teaching them boundaries and correcting destructive behavior. In time for Prime Day, you can save money on this useful device. Petrainer features an upgraded model with 900-foot remote operation so you can monitor your dog’s mischief from a distance. The collar also has vibration and beep modes when the shock feature is not necessary, and a control function so you can adjust the intensity level of all three options.

Greenies Original Dog Dental Chews

He’s not likely to pick up a toothbrush anytime soon — unless it’s to play a game of fetch, that is — but your dog’s oral hygiene really needs some attention. Give him Greenies dental treats, now on sale for nearly half price. Dogs love these easily digestible, breath-freshening snacks almost as much as they love the owners who pamper them. What’s more, you’ll love the results: cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing all you can to protect and preserve his oral health.

I and Love and You All Natural Canned Cat Food

How do you express your love and gratitude toward the kitty who rescued you? Feed him I and Love and You wet cat food, now on sale for the tantalizing price of just $10.06 for a pack of twelve. Each 3-ounce can contains a protein-rich entree complete with mouth-watering gravy and absent of grain and other fillers. When he dives into his plate of preservative-free, omega-3- and omega-6-enhanced chicken, salmon, or tuna, he may think he’s a hunter in the wild, but you’ll know he’s your baby and that his nutritional needs are being met.

Conair Pro Dog Round-Tip Shears

Grooming your dog with scissors can feel like risky business, but with a pair of round-tip shears in hand, you’re far less likely to snip her skin and far more likely to sculpt her into something fabulous. Conair’s Pro Dog Round-Tip Shears are an essential part of her beauty routine, and they’re only $12.19 right now for Prime Day. This type of shear is particularly helpful for trimming around the eyes, ears, face, and other delicate areas. Do yourself a favor and snatch up this beauty tool while it’s available... you’ll love how easy it is to use and how good it makes her look, so you and your pooch will be ready go on a trip to any of these wonderful pet-friendly destinations.

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