5 gadgets your kids will love - now on sale for Prime Day

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Finish your holiday shopping in July thanks to Amazon Prime Day. Many of our favorite toys are on sale now.

Have your kids already grown tired of the toys that were meant to get through the summer? Well thanks to Amazon Prime Day, help is a click away.

There are products on sale that will appeal to the little one you're buying for, no matter what age. From items as basic as Hatchimals to an Amazon Echo Dot specifically designed for kids, your little one will come away feeling like Christmas in July is a real thing.

Here are our favorite products designed for children, on sale now at deep discounts:

Echo Dot Kids Edition

Kids love technology, and Amazon designed an Echo just for them. The Dot Kids Edition gives them their own DJ and storyteller via Alexa. It also comes with a case made to withstand rough handling and drops. You can set the amount of time kids are allowed to use it and review their activity on the device. Also, you can sync it with your other Echo devices and use it to send them important messages. The Echo Dot Kids Edition is marked down $20 for Prime Day.

Hatchimals ColEGGtibles

Kids fell in love with Hatchimals the moment they hit store shelves, and today, you can get a four-pack of unhatched Hatchimal minis -- plus one cutie who has already come out of its shell -- for just $8.89. Each egg must receive the warmth and TLC necessary for a successful hatching. The mystery lies in what will be inside... will it be a Snowflake Narwarbler? A Penguala? Or perhaps even an ultra-rare Golden Hatchimal? Kids can't wait to find out, and adults can't help but feel the anticipation as these cute little eggs get ready to crack open.

Fingerling Unicorn

If you love a kid who loves Fingerlings, today is a lucky day for both of you. MacKenzie the Fingerling unicorn launches today for $17.99. This cute little unicorn with a color-changing horn clings to your child's finger and interacts with head nods, eye blinks, vocalizations, and plenty of other social gestures. Last Christmas, you'd be hard-pressed to find a Fingerling on a store shelf. Today, we urge you to grab this little buddy while you can -- these trendy toys are selling like hot cakes.

Sphero BB8

We can't think of many better gifts for the true Star Wars enthusiast than the Sphero BB8. You can wheel and spin this robot up to 30 meters and responds to 10 different voice commands. Owners' biggest complaint is the droid doesn't know when it will run into something, but fortunately it's durable. And right now, it's being sold for 60% off at $59.99.

Anki Cozmo

Make your child's day with this fun toy that melds intelligence with durability. The Cozmo is always learning and utilizes AI to express emotions while being an engaging toy that allows your child to play for hours. It's dynamic enough that it will hold your kid's attention long-term, too, and we count it as one of the five best robotic toys on the market. It's perfect for the child who wants to grow up to be a coder or has an interest in computer science. We think this would be a worthwhile gift, no matter when you deliver it.

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