21 hottest toys for the 2019 holidays

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Anthony Marcusa

There will be some familiar faces on this year's list of hottest toys (that are sure to sell out).

As the holiday shopping season begins once November begins, it's a race to grab those hottest, most desired toys of the season so you can make sure your child will get what's on their list.

We've found that if you're serious about getting the it  toy, waiting for a deal is certainly not worth the risk -- better to get in early or as soon as possible on these sought-after toys of the 2019 season. We've taken a look at all that's available, from robots to dolls, dragons to mermaids, to find the tops toys that your kids will love this holiday season.


Juno My Baby Elephant: $77 at Amazon

This is one of the cutest toys around: Juno. She's a precocious baby elephant that will interact with your kids, boasting over 150 lifelike movements and sounds. With her big floppy ears, wide eyes, and infectious personality, she's easy to fall in love with. Juno is going to be a little shy at first, but once she gets comfortable and embraced, she will share her love and affection. Buy from Amazon.


Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing Doll: $29.82 at Amazon

Speaking of lovable and infectious, bring home Baby Shark, a dancing and singing doll from the famed song of the same name. This makes an endlessly entertaining gift for the musical child. This super-soft plush toy just requires a tap on the head to start moving around to the music. It's a simple toy with an affordable price tag that's worth it for the hours of fun your kid will have. Buy from Amazon.


DreamWorks Dragons Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon: $59.99 at Amazon

From the wildly popular DreamWorks animated movie series, How to Train Your Dragon, comes your very own dragon to not only train at home but to hatch as well. Your child can bring their scaly friend Toothless into the world, watching him stir within his shell and eventually poking free. Once he's out, it's time to train him! They can teach him to fly, play games, ask questions, and reward him with fish. Buy from Amazon.


Hairdorables: $6.79 at Amazon

With 24 personality-packed pets to own across the collection, Hairdorables furry friends are an essential part of any kid's squad. Each pet has a unique attitude and look, and every purchase comes with a few surprises along the way. You won't know exactly who you're going to get, but at their inexpensive price, they're worth every penny. Your child can collect them and match the pets with their Hairdorable doll counterparts to create a whole fun family to style and play with. Buy from Amazon.


RC Battle Drones by Holy Stone: $59.99 at Amazon

This pair of toys are not quite as cute and cuddly as the others. Two battle drones take to the sky, and only one returns victorious. These RC battle drones are easy for kids to control and customize their attack, directing the laser to slowly sink their opponent to the ground. This pair of red and blue battle drones will be a fun activity for kids to do with their friends, siblings, or even with you. Buy from Amazon.


Zero Gravity Laser by Air Hogs: $29.99 at Amazon

Remote-controlled cars that only race across floors are so last year; in 2019, they can climb walls, too! The Zero Gravity Laser rides across any flat surface with its companion LED light controller, provided you're close enough to its front bumper. The controls are simple, making it ideal for most ages. Buy from Amazon.


Lil' Gleemerz Rainbeam: $19.99 at Amazon

With their long, fluffy, light-up tails and giant eyes, Lil' Gleemerz are among the most adorable toys around. They purr and mew and have plenty of cute phrases and quirks. There are four friends in the collection, each with its own unique colors and large ears. They're all wonderful additions to the family, though our particular favorite is the Amazon exclusive Rainbeam. Buy from Amazon.


Don't Step In It! Unicorn Edition: $19.99 at Amazon

More colorful and mystical fun, this time from famed gaming company Hasbro, comes Don't Step In It! This hilarious game for the whole family lets players navigate a mat that has been littered with unicorn dung. The colored Play-Doh "poop" makes for added excitement, especially when you're moving around the map blindfolded. Buy from Amazon.


Blume Doll: $9.88 at Amazon

Your child can grow their own cute and colorful plant-like friend at home with Blume Doll. They can just add some water to the doll "pot" and see what blooms. You won't be quite sure which doll shows up until she fully blossoms, but she's sure to be quirky and adorable. All 22 Blume Dolls have squishy, exuberant hair and unique outfits and accessories. Collect a bunch to welcome new characters to the collection and swap their gear. Buy from Amazon. 


My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog: $37.57 at Amazon

For something a bit more time-consuming and intricate, be sure to check the Tumbling Hedgehog, your kid's very own build-and-play robotic pet. There are 172 pieces in all, some of which are especially tiny and require care and attention, making this hedgehog creation a rewarding journey for everyone who takes it on. When fully constructed, the Tumbling Hedgehog will roll around, flip, and perform other fun tricks. Buy from Amazon.


Cutetitos: $9.97 at Amazon

If you're looking for a cute and inexpensive stocking stuffer, look no further than Cutetitos. These adorable and cuddly furry friends are hidden in a burrito-like cocoon before your child unrolls it to see who's waiting inside. They won't know which they have until they open; there are 12 to unwrap in the series, so you might consider buying more than one. Buy from Amazon.


Shopkins Real Littles: $19.99 at Amazon

For more food-inspired fun, be sure to add Shopkins Real Littles to your cart. Your kids can take the doll Chrissy Puffswith her shopping cart to pick up snacks and other goodies. Chrissy is joined by her two little friends for her excursion, which can be expanded with other toys in the vast Shopkins collection. Buy from Amazon.


Owleez, The Interactive Flying Owl: $38.99 at Amazon

Wise and charming, Owleez may just be your child's new best friend. They can care for their new avian partner by offering Owleez food and caring pats on the head. Owleez will gain confidence and eventually take flight. The toy has over 100 unique sounds and actions, and it comes in pink or white. Buy from Amazon.


L.O.L. Surprise! Fuzzy Pets: $12.99 at Amazon

More surprises abound this holiday season with Fuzzy Pets from L.O.L Surprise! Each shampoo bottle-shaped playset comes with accessories for your kid to style and dress up their unique new furry friend. But first, they need to wash them to reveal who it is! Buy from Amazon.


Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set: $59.99 at Amazon

Clearly, kids are big on mystical creatures, and unicorns in particular are majestic beings that most children would love to play with. But having a pet means learning how to take care of them, and the Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set will teach your child how. They can practice their veterinary skills by treating the ailing Rainglow with a magic bandage, thermometer, and dream cream to bring her back to health. Buy from Amazon.


Barbie Dreamtopia Sparkle Lights Mermaid: $19.99 at Amazon

More magical creatures abound, this time in the form of mermaids. The classic doll Barbie returns in mermaid form with sparkling light-up tail, realistic swimming motion, and glimmering holographic fins. Dreamtopia Mermaid Barbie is a great partner for in and out of the water, joining your kids for bath time or in the pool. Buy from Amazon.


Linkimals A to Z Otter by Fisher-Price: $19.99 at Amazon

Cute animals can help make learning fun and easy. The Linkimals otter will aid in introducing the alphabet to babies, guiding them toward their first words. They can press letters to hear the sound and associated words, or spin the roller ball to activate fun songs and phrases. It's an entertaining and educational toy that will keep kids occupied. Buy from Amazon.


LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat: $29.99 at Amazon

One of the most beloved and trusted names in toys, LEGO never fails to inspire and entertain. This Wrecked Shrimp Boat comes from the new line of LEGO Hidden Side toy sets designed for a new generation of children, which integrate with a companion app to create an augmented reality experience. And that's on top of the already cool-looking set, which features a crocodile, eerie rock formation, and one very worried fisherman. Buy from Amazon.


Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker: $19.99 at Amazon

For the artistic and creative kids comes another novel innovation from one of the most popular names in crafts: Crayola. This Sprinkle Art Shaker set is a way for your child to express endless exuberance and curiosity without making a massive mess. They can find a picture they like, add some glue, pour out the glitter, and enjoy. Buy from Amazon.


Mighty Roar Simba by Furreal: $99.99 at Amazon

Whether your child fell in love with the animated version of the 90s or first experienced The Lion King when it returned to the screen this year, there's a place in their heart for the beloved young Simba. Take him home this holiday season and your kid will enjoy his more than 100 motions and sounds, including many from iconic scenes from the movie. He'll get into a roaring contest or sing "Hakuna Matata" alongside you. Buy from Amazon.


Star Wars The Black Series First Order Jet Trooper: $25.52 at Amazon

Just in time for one of the most anticipated movies of the year comes a brand-new villain joining the Star Wars Universe. As part of the Black Series of figurines and toys, the First Order Jet Trooper from the forthcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie features an intimidating helmet and classic white color design. The trooper comes with a jetpack and a blaster, making him a worthy adversary and addition to your child's Star Wars collection. Buy from Amazon.


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