2018's most popular board games

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Who says board games are dead?

Even with technology taking over much of our day-to-day lives, board games still offer quality entertainment that can't be beat. Of course, the popular board games of today are a far cry from the games your parents grew up playing.

Board games are perfect for encouraging your family to work together or for bringing your group of friends around the table for an evening. If you'd like to instate a weekly game night, let this helpful list of the most popular board games of 2018 be your guide.

Speak Out

Ages 10+
This hilarious game is perfect if you have teenagers or are hosting a party with all adults. To play, you insert a mouthpiece that alters the sound of your speech, making every word sound silly. Set the timer and read one of the phrases on the cards and try to help your teammate guess what you're saying. Speak Out easily provides hours of fun that even grandparents will love.

Escape Room in a Box

Ages 13+

What's the next best thing to trying to break out of a room? Escape Room in a Box, of course. This thrilling, immersive game involves solving 2D and 3D puzzles in order to prevent a mad scientist from turning you and your friends or family into werewolves. Work together to escape your fate and use Amazon Alexa to enhance the experience.


Ages 14+

This fun strategy game is perfect for anyone with teenagers. Form two teams and select a spymaster on each team. Using clues, spymasters try to help their teammates find all 25 of the agents they're in contact with, hopefully without selecting the other team's agents or running into the deadly assassin. This innovative game offers a challenging and rewarding time working together.

Harry Potter Clue

Ages 9+

Excite your kids on game night with this modern twist on a classic. Play as six recognizable Hogwarts characters--Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Ginny, or Neville--to solve the mystery behind a fellow student's disappearance. It's up to you to figure out who attacked the student, what bewitching spell they used, and where it occurred. Watch out for the Dark Mark, moving staircases, and secret passages as you travel along in this magical family game.


Ages 8+

If you've ever wanted to save humanity from a deadly outbreak, you'll love spending an hour playing Pandemic. You and your teammates must fight to contain four deadly diseases threatening the human race. Players must learn to work with their teammates to control outbreak hotspots and treat diseases. Win the game by curing all diseases without wiping out humanity first.

Utter Nonsense - Family Edition

Ages 8+

This game will have every player rolling in stitches with each ridiculous phrase that's uttered. Combine crazy accents and hilarious phrases to impress the Nonsense Judge and win the round. The player with the highest number of wins ultimately wins the game, but the true fun of this card game is listening to your fellow players trying to say some of the most entertaining phrases of all time. This game is perfect for game nights or parties.


Ages 10+

This tactical 60-minute game will push your imagination to its limits as you embark on a journey across Catan. Acquire crucial resources as you travel, build roads, buildings, and cities, and be wary of the ruthless robber and other players halting you on your own road. Through careful trading and clever decisions, you can lead your travelers to victory in this role-playing game of limitless possibilities. Play again and again - every game is different.

Ticket to Ride

Ages 8+

Train lovers will enjoy this innovative board game which has won numerous awards. This cross-country train adventure game mimics the concept of traveling around the world in 80 days. Collect train cars and claim railways across the country. Players earn the most points by establishing long train routes and connecting distant cities. Each game takes roughly 30 to 40 minutes to complete, and every adventure is different.

5 Second Rule

Ages 10+

This quick-paced game gives each player five seconds to name items on a certain topic. Although the topics are objectively easy--"Name 3 Mountains," "Name 3 Types of Hats," or "Name 3 Super Heroes," the pressure of the time crunch is likely to put you on edge. Race the clock and remain composed to win this game. You can even make up your own topics if you prefer. Half the fun is just hearing what other people blurt out, whether it's relevant to the topic or not.

Stock up on a few of these popular, modern board games to add some friendly competition to your next family party or get-together with friends.


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