Review: Bright, Durable Rechargeable Flashlight

Never buy batteries again with Pelican's tried and true 7060 LED flashlight

I'm man enough to admit when I have a problem, and so I freely admit to a flashlight fetish. Being able to turn darkness into light with the push of a button is just awesome, I don't care how old you are.

Field-expedient lighting of all kinds has gotten so much better in the last few years. Between ordering the Pelican 7060 LED rechargeable flashlight online and receiving one in the mail, the lumens had increased from 130 to 175. Now that's progress! The 7060 rocks. Seriously bright, throws light forever, tougher than nails (motto: "You break it, we'll replace it... forever) and rechargeable, to boot.

The 7060 was developed in collaboration with the Los Angeles Police Department, and the attention to detail shows. Its rugged grip is no-slip, no way, no how, and even the serrations on the shroud have a purpose: if you leave it activated standing on a flat surface you'll see the light. The aluminum heat sink is effective, and the included holster is serviceable, although you might want to upgrade to leather.

At 8.5 inches long and just under 11 ounces, it's not compact, but the extra length handles nicely. The dual switches—butt-end and standard—have a great feel. Best of all is that there's no paying out the nose for batteries; the 7060 plugs into a wall charger and the lithium-ion battery takes less than an hour to fully recharge. You'll get well over an hour run time. Bottom line: if you're looking for a rugged, mid-size flashlight and want to make the move from halogen or xenon to LED, the Pelican 7060 is your light.

Hits: Serious illumination, bombproof construction, rechargeable
Misses: It's hefty, but that’s by design.
Price: $223 (but even Amazon carries it for under $150)