Fully Customizable Ski and Snowboard Goggles Fit Every Rider’s Style

Deft Optics is working to bring affordable customized goggles to slopes by late January 2015

Whether you’re into skiing backcountry terrain or taking on resort trails, one thing remains the same—you always need reliable gear. Unreliable equipment can be a hazard and a pain, especially when you’re involved in sports that take you far from a repair shop.

Even with sound equipment, you’re doing a physical activity, so equipment adjustments come with the territory. Unfortunately, quality interchangeable gear often comes with a high price tag.

That was the concern of Deft Optics founders and their goggles are a major step in the direction of affordable quality. The concept started after the creators observed the prices of equipment going up each season. On top of wanting to make the goggles affordable, they creators wanted to make the goggles completely customizable for each rider. The Deft Optic goggles have the following features:

·         Compatible with all helmets
·         Slide and lock strap feature
·         400% polycarbonate UVA/UVB lenses
·         Dual lenses that with Anti fog treatment
·         Triple layered face foam padding
·         Convertible lenses
·         Lenses are oversized and spherical

When you order your goggles, you can choose exactly what you want. A completely customized fully functional and high quality pair of Deft Optic goggles can be purchased for $69. This is a great deal for any avid skier or snowboarder, since goggles regularly cost up to $200-$300. You get the same technology and quality for way less. Ordering your Deft Optic goggles can be done in four easy steps:

·         Pick your frames—Comet or Omega

The Comet: is a frame that is medium-sized that will fit most face shapes. There is a lever on the frames that allow for fast lens changes

The Omega: is a spherical frame that is over-sizedand fits most face shapes. The lenses can be snapped easily into the frame and can be moved quickly during lens swaps.

·         Pick your frame color: Matte Red, Matte Black, and Matte Green
·         Pick your lens color: Fire, Smoke, and/or Ice
·         Pick your strap: Camo, Tree Stamp, Tropical, Logs, Galaxy, and Black

Deft Optics is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, they are about a third of the way to their $18,000 goal. They plan to start shipping goggles to skiers and boarders in January 2015. You can order the Deft Optic goggle set on Kickstarter for $69, which comes with one goggle frame, one lens and one strap.

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