Freshy Map: The Skier’s Weather Channel

This tool will streamline your travel plans and ensure you find the best powder

Each year as spring slowly creeps in, snow turns to slush, puffy jackets are traded for light hoodies and all too quickly ski season is over. But right now, that is a far flung future that we can pretend (at least for a few more weeks) doesn’t exist.

The amount of discussion going on this week about the quickly closing window of the season is baffling. Some people must not be aware that several resorts, Like Whistler, stay open well into the summer. Even major resorts across the U.S. make it into late April and then they’re throwing some crazy parties to close out their snow seasons.

So, even though those negative nancies are dead wrong—they may also have a teenie tiny point. As the season progresses, the weather will change and with it, the snow conditions. That’s one of the reasons you need to bookmark Freshy Map. This tool is not only one  of the easiest ways to get a look at weather and snow conditions across the country, but it’s also the most fun. We hate digging around on big weather sites and going to each mountain’s website, this tool does all that tedious work for you.

Freshy Map gives you access to wind patterns, webcams, snow reports, forcasts, photos and their “Freshy Factor,” among other things.

The Freshy Factor is our special sauce that tells you the likelihood of finding fresh snow. Under the hood it's a custom algorithm that takes into account 24 hour snow, 5 day snow, the time of day, and the day of the week. It's not perfect, but it is pretty darn good.

To top it all off, they present all this information on an easy-to-use seamlessly designed platform. The website is a breeze to use which means you can stop searching for weather conditions and get your skis on the snow that much quicker.

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