Fresh Gear: Spring 2013 Water Sports

New boats and gear for your spring adventures

Let's face it: only the most hardcore water rats like getting wet in the winter. But now that the days are longer and the temperature—and water—is rising, it's time for the rest of us to hit the lake, river or surf.

Whether you’re river trekking leisurely downriver or sport kayaking, stand up paddling or trying to film a “Whoa!” moment on the water, we’ve got some new—or still fresh—gear to get you ready for the season.

New kayaks from NRS, Wave Sport and Dagger can handle every class of rapids; a new stand-up paddle board from Creek Company is designed with anglers in mind.

We’ve also picked protective gear not only for your whole body—a helmet, a minimal life vest, toe-shielding sandals, and two ways to block the sun—but also for your trustiest gadget (hint: it’s an iPhone lifejacket).

Click the slideshow for our spring selections.