The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss: 22 Tips and Tricks to Drop Pounds Now


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Along with spring’s nice weather comes the inevitability of wearing lighter and fewer clothes. This brings about frantic attempts to lose weight.

There is only one way of dropping extra pounds – burning more calories than you consume – but how you go about achieving this goal is not exactly rocket science; the approach depends on your goals.

Healthy rates of losing weight vary. Shedding 10 pounds a week can be a great shock to the body, unless you are obese. But the speed at which you make inches disappear from your waistline depends on the structure of your diet, Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE registered dietitian and author of Naturally Nourished: Food-as-Medicine Solutions for Optimal Health Cookbook.[slideshow:83234]

“As an advocate of the ketogenic diet which is very low in carbohydrates and transitions the metabolism to using fat as fuel, healthy loss of 5-7 pounds in the first week can be seen,” Miller says. “However, 2-3 of these pounds is water loss from the body in the transition out of using carbohydrates, which hold water weight, as primary fuel,” she adds. The biggest focus is where you are losing the weight from.

“Here at the Institute of Eating Management, we don't focus so much on losing pounds but more percentage body fat,” Heather Blanchette, registered and certified dietitian-nutritionist at IEM,” says. “We usually look for a 1-2 percent drop in body fat every 1-2 weeks.”

People are different and they struggle with various obstacles to lose weight – personal habits, genetics or work. “The key is to set a goal and stick to it by making it part of your lifestyle,” Blanchette says. Miller adds finding something you enjoy. The following list contains several suggestions.

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