Tips for Stronger Muscles

This Years New Year Resolution: Get Stronger Muscles!


Have you started thinking about your 2016 workout goals? Yes, we know, the majority always says their New Year Resolution is to lose weight. How about you stand out amongst the majority? Focus on your muscles! Most people think doing any kind of weight training is going to make you bulky. In reality, weight and resistance training will help make your muscles stronger, also aiding in weight loss. Read below for some tips on how to make your muscles stronger.


Workout with someone stronger than you

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Finding a workout buddy stronger than you is great motivation.  They didn’t get stronger than you just sitting around! Your buddy already has goals, a gym plan and a nutrition plan. They have been training longer than you, which means whatever questions you may have they may be able to answer them for you.  There is no harm in a little competition; your workout buddy will push you to achieving your goals.


Eat the right foods

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Eating the right foods is very important to achieving stronger muscles. According to, “you need a variety of proteins, veggies, fruits, carbs and healthy fats.” Some foods to eat:  Fish, lean meats (chicken, pork), Greek yogurt, whole eggs, mixed nuts, broccoli, carrots


Use Free Weights


According to To be strong and huge, your workouts must rely on a Greek god's exercises: squatbench pressdeadliftmilitary pressrowspower cleans, and other variations of these movements. They recruit the largest amount of muscle mass.




When it comes to building stronger muscles it’s important to use the proper technique. Don’t look at what others at the gym are doing for instruction; they may be doing it wrong. Ask a fitness specialist the proper way to do your workout. Not using the proper technique can cause injuries that will prolong your ultimate goals.


Warm up


It is always important to warm up before you begin your workout. Warming up increases your body’s temperature and blood flow. It warms up your muscles, reducing the chance of injuries, while also reducing the chance of muscle soreness.


Resistance Training


Resistance training is key to building stronger muscles. Start out training 2 to 3 times per week. For maximum results make sure to use free weights, resistance bands and weight machines. Every time you go to the gym increase your resistance a little more.


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