Reasons to Take up Swimming

Reasons to take up swimming even if you don't like to exercise


For some of you, swimming may just be that activity you participate in during the summer months. However, swimming is more than just a recreational activity; it’s also a great workout!

Increasing your muscle strength, social life and overall stress level are just some of the many ways swimming benefits the improvement of your overall health. I know, it sounds crazy...swimming? YES! Im telling you, swimming really can make a huge difference to your body mentally and physically. 

Below are some reasons you should start taking up swimming today!


Physical Benefits

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Swimming has a vast amount of physical benefits. It helps to improve your flexibility and strength. While also, building your muscles and endurance. Swimming helps you improve your balance and increase the circulation within your body.


Social Benefits


Swimming can be a group workout. Sign up for a swimming class and socialize! Make some new friends while also having a great time. Exchange swim tips and maybe even get some pointers.


Burn Calories

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Yes, swimming helps you burn those unwanted calories! How? Keep your heart rate up, play with some pool toys, mix up your workout and don’t rest so much. Swimming works all of the major muscles giving your cardiovascular system a great workout.


Decreases Stress


Swimming forces you to focus on yourself and your body instead of the struggles you may be enduring in the outside world. Helps loosen up your body and mind. You will tone your body and enlarge your lungs. Both with help us to feel better about ourselves and take deep breaths. Swimming increases serotonin and influences our mood helping us de stress while reducing our anxiety levels.


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