How to Get Rid of a Muscle Knot

Release your muscle tension with these 5 simple tricks

Muscle knots are often caused by the tensing of a muscle, after repeating tension, a part gets stuck, which causes it to remain in that tense state.

They can occur due to poor posture, intense physical activity or a sedentary lifestyle.

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Prevent muscle knots by drinking plenty of water, being aware of your posture, stretching, and eating proper nutrients – potassium, magnesium and calcium, just to name a few.

If you’re muscle knots become frequent, it may be wise to consider visiting a physical therapist. He or she will help you learn how to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Read below for 5 ways to get rid of a muscle knot


1. Take a warm shower/bath- Take a warm shower or bath and let your knotted muscles relax. Try and stand so that the water is hitting the muscle that is bothering you. Tip: Make sure the water is warm/hot, here is The Cold Truth About Ice Baths.

2. Use a cold and hot therapy- First use a cold pack, or an ice pack in a towel and rest it on top of your knot. Then alternate the cold back with a heating pad. Try 15 minutes cold and 15 minutes hot. The ice reduces pain and brings numbness to the area where your knot is, while the heat improves your circulation and relaxes your muscles.

3. Get a massage- Give yourself a massage, or visit a massage therapist, either way both will help relieve the pain associated with your muscle knot. Tip: Use your thumbs, fist or elbow and rub in a circular or back and forth motion over your knot for about 30 seconds. A tennis ball is said to be helpful too.

4. Stretch- Although it may be painful, stretching the area where your knot is located may be helpful. It helps increase your circulation, reduce tight muscles and your risk for ongoing aches and pains. *See: 10 Stretches to Keep you Fit for Life

5. Use a massage roller or stick- rubbing your muscles will help reduce inflammation. As the inflammation of your muscles decrease, your recovery process will increase. Try the RE Easy-Reach Massage Stick from EMPOWER FITNESS. It targets tight knots and helps relax sore muscles in hard-to-reach areas of the back and shoulders.


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