High Intensity Training Workouts Worth Your Effort


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I’m sure you have heard of High Intensity Training, aka HIIT, by now. It’s not some fitness craze that will come and go. High intensity training will forever be a staple in weight loss programs and here is why:

Time: HIIT workouts can be done in 30 minutes or less!

Variety: The variations are endless. If you have the right trainer you will never do the same exact workout using HIIT.

Results: Straight up HIIT works. The amount of calories you burn doing HIIT can be triple what you do in steady state exercise.

Let’s break down what high intensity training is. HIIT is short bursts of “all out” energy expending movements followed by shorts bouts of active or complete rest.  Is it strength or cardio? It’s both. Basically anything that can get your heart rate thumping and for short periods of time followed by rest intervals is high intensity training.

The best part about HIIT is the after-burn effect where you burn tons of calories throughout the rest of the day AFTER your workout. HIIT has been immensely successful with my clients and has led to people losing 10, 30 and even 100 pounds of fat!

Let’s get your heart rate thumping and ignite your metabolism right now with this 20 Minute High Intensity Training Workout:

Try to get as many rounds as possible of the following two circuits:

You cannot move on to the next exercise until you complete the prescribed amount in the exercise you are doing.

Circuit # 1: 10 MINUTES

20 Wall Ball Shots or DB Thruster’s

¼ Mile run on treadmill or 1:00 minute high knees

15 TRX Push Up to Knee Tuck or Valslide Tucks

8 ea. Leg, Split Squat to Shoulder Raise

30 total Plate Squat and Press (15 ea. Side)

40 Consecutive Jump Ropes (fake jump rope if needed)


Circuit # 2 : 8 MINUTES

5 Single Leg Hip Thrusters ea. Leg

10 Bench Hops ea. side

15 Ball Slams

20 Crab Twists ea. Side

25 Froggers

Boom! That’s it. In just 20 minutes you will get to reap the benefits of high intensity training!

Chase It!

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