Health Habits You Need to Break Before Turning 40

Start now before high blood pressure and other health problems become chronic


Don’t smoke, eat better, exercise, and sleep more – these are often referred to as the basics of longevity but the reality is a little more complex.

People can’t ignore their age. Making this mistake can lead to weight gain, heart problems and chronic illnesses brought by unhealthy lifestyles.[slideshow:87419]

Adjusting to new routines such as consuming fewer calories because the metabolism is slowly declining and lifting weights to build muscle because we lose muscle mass as we get older, are facts of life.

Aging also means decreased energy needs. That’s why having an extra cookie or a serving of fries may have visible consequences around your waist at 40 – an inconceivable result at 25. Diet mishaps tend to hit harder and last longer.  

A lot of hormonal changes are happening. Any imbalance can have a bad effect. The body is also a lot more resilient when you’re 40 – it has been mistreated for too long with refined sugar, processed foods and other bad things, so it takes longer to get better. Before you know it, a routine checkup finds your blood pressure to be too high and you’re pre-diabetic.  

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