Everyday Habits That Increase Stress

Here are some things you're doing that may be stressing you out

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Have you been feeling overwhelmed? It’s okay. We all have experienced, or are currently experiencing some kind of stress in our lives. We may be dealing with issues related to, family, friends, work or relationships. Some stressors may even be deeper. The important part to remember is we are not alone and together we can overcome this.[slideshow:81752]  

First, you have to recognize what is causing your stress. What are you stressing out about? You need to acknowledge the stress so that you can figure out how to overcome it.

After acknowledging our stress, we can move on to recognizing the Everyday Habits That Increase Stress. If you want to overcome your stresses you also need to recognize what you are doing every day that is making it worse.  Below is a list of things you may be doing that are increasing your stress. Eliminate these things out of your daily routine, and you will be on the right track to a stress free life.


Waking up late

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You woke up late, now you’re rushing around like a crazy person trying to get your things together to run out the door. This is obviously not the best way to start your morning. Try setting you alarm clock for a little bit earlier, this way, you can approach your day with a calm and relaxed mindset.


Lying Around On the Couch

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Lying around on the couch all day is sure to increase your stress. First, you may call it relaxing, but, what you’re really doing is putting a strain on your body mentally and physically. Lying on the couch can cause serious back problems along with weight gain. Who wouldn’t be stressed if they started getting back pains and putting on weight?


Over Working Yourself

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Working too much is sure to drive anyone crazy! Over working can definitely be associated with increased levels of stress. You need to make sure you set aside time for yourself outside of your office.  Treat yourself to something nice, take a day to relax or spend quality time with the people you love.




Smokers may believe smoking helps them relieve their stress, but why are they stressed out to begin with? Maybe because they have an addiction and need the cigarette to calm them down. Now, they may live stressful lives, however smoking will only make it worse. Causing them more problems in the long run.


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