Cold Weather Health Myths

You don’t actually lose the most heat through your head


The colder weather is arriving; people are out purchasing their warm winter gear and preparing for winter’s harsh temperatures. But before you run out and buy that expensive hat and stock up on alcohol to keep you warm, you should learn about some of the cold weather misconceptions.[slideshow:90180]

You don’t actually lose the most heat through your head and, contrary to what many people believe, alcohol actually causes your body temperature to drop.

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When it comes to taking care of your skin, sunscreen is still important. Although you may not see the sun shining, it’s still there and you are still at risk for being affected by harmful UV rays.

That being said, when the seasons change, we begin to notice lack of sunlight. Many people believe that this is the cause of winter depression. The truth is that - no, dark days don’t help depression - but there are other factors that contribute to it as well – family stress, holiday planning and busy schedules, just to name a few.


Cold Weather Health Myths


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