6 Times You Should Ignore the Scale

The scale may be counterproductive and provide inaccurate results


For some, tracking your weight is a measure of progress. Although there are many ways to do so, checking your weight on a scale is said to be the most common.

Unfortunately, the scale may be counterproductive and provide inaccurate results. For instance, your weight fluctuates throughout the day. You may weigh less after using the bathroom and more after eating a big meal.

Always remember, the number on the scale does not determine your overall health. It tells very little about your nutritional habits, exercise routine and digestive health.

Here are 6 Times You Should Ignore the Scale


1. Right before bed- Have you ever weighed yourself in the morning, then weighed yourself before bed and noticed the number on the scale went up? Don’t get discouraged, after a day full day of eating it is likely you will see you weigh more. At this time, ignore the scale because it is not giving you an accurate number.

2. After you drank a lot of water- If you just drank a lot of water, it is likely the number on the scale will read higher than it should. It is said that a 16-ounce glass of water will translate to around a pound on the scale.

3. You’re scale is on the rug- If your scale is sitting on a rug instead of a hard surface, it is likely you will have an inaccurate reading.

4. If you are wearing heavy clothing- Wearing heavy clothing on the scale will most likely tell you that you weigh more than you actually do. Research explains, for an accurate reading is “suggested that women make a weight adjustment for clothing of about 1.75 pounds (0.8 kg) and men should make an adjustment of about 2.5 pounds (1.2 kg).”

5. You just had a baby- Hopping on the scale after you just gave birth will not give you an accurate reading. You may be disappointed that the scale has barley adjusted. After giving birth, your body takes time to lose weight and you won’t see immediate changes.

6. You don’t have a good scale- If you are going to keep a scale at home, you should invest in a more reliable one. Digital scales tend to be more accurate than spring scales.


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