6 Times it’s Okay to Skip the Gym

Stop feeling guilty, sometimes it is okay to skip the gym

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Sometimes you need a break and its okay to miss a workout.  But, excuses like "not having enough time" in the day and “exercise is boring” are not going to cut it.

We have all been there, you had an intense workout, and you woke up in pain because your muscles are sore. But, are your muscles sore? Or, are they really sore? It’s normal to feel achy after a workout but if you are feeling pain, it is okay to skip the gym.

Are you being lazy? Or, are you in serious need of some rest? Knowing whether or not your excuse is valid may be difficult. Don’t worry, we are here to help you figure it out.

So, stop questioning yourself and feeling guilty. Below are 6 Times it’s Okay to Skip the Gym.


1. Your muscles are really sore

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It’s normal to feel discomfort after a workout, but if it hurts to move and your muscles are really sore, it’s okay to skip the gym. Straining or spraining a muscle can lead to muscle soreness. Working out while you are already in pain can lead to further injury.  So, skip the gym and relax your muscles so you can get in your workout the next day.


2. You just had a baby

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As much as you may want too; don’t rush back to the gym right after having a baby. According to Fit Pregnancy, it is recommended “women do not return to postnatal or mommy and me yoga until their bleeding has stopped. If a woman gave birth via cesarean section, she needs to wait 6 weeks before rejoining class. If you push yourself too hard in the beginning, then you can actually be setting yourself back from real recovery.” So, take your doctor’s advice and spend quality time with your baby. Then when your body feels ready, slowly ease back into the gym. Also See: Working Out With Baby And Enhancing Your Run: Stroller Exercises.


3. You were already active that day

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If you have been mowing the lawn or running around the park with the kids all day, I don’t blame you if the last thing you want to do is hit the gym. It’s okay; if you were already active that day don’t feel guilty about skipping your workout. Tip: make sure you stretch!


4. You’re injured


If you have recently suffered from a strained or sprained muscle, concussion or broken bone, it is definitely okay to take a break from the gym. You need to heal properly and exercising when wounded will only prolong your injury.


5. Lack of sleep


Sleep helps improve memory, sharpen attention, lower stress and maintain a healthy weight. Working out when you are exhausted calls for disaster.  Lack of sleep makes you forgetful, impairs your judgement and lowers immunity. That being said, stay away from the gym until you are well rested and ready to exercise.


6. You’re really sick

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If you are really sick it’s okay to skip the gym; and that doesn’t include the common cold! But, if you have the flu or have had a recent asthma flare-up, skip your workout and rest. According to WebMD, “If the flare-up was due to a respiratory infection, skip your workout for a few days and see a doctor if symptoms persist.”


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--Nicole Dossantos Editor The Active Times