6 Cancer Myths That You Should Ignore

Don’t fall for these rumors and misconceptions

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You have probably heard some ridiculous rumors about cancer – lipstick that contains lead causes cancer, wearing deodorant can cause breast cancer and men can’t get breast cancer.

These myths are just absurd and are not scientifically proven. Cancer is a serious illness, it is caused when some of the body’s cells divide without stopping, and spread to surrounding tissues, according to the National Cancer Institute. They explain, cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body, there are more than 100 types and they are usually named for the tissues or organs where the cancers form. For instance, brain cancer starts in the cells of the brain and lung cancer starts in the cells of the lung.

According to research, approximately “1,685,210 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2016,” and approximately “595,690 Americans are expected to die of cancer in 2016.” The most common type of cancer is skin cancer – over 2 million people are diagnosed each year in the United States.

The good news, research explains from 1991 to 2012 the cancer death rate dropped 23 percent because of reductions in smoking, and improvements in treatment and early detection.

Being that cancer is one of the most serious public health concerns in the U.S., people tend to talk a lot about it and spread around news that they think to be true.

Read below for some common cancer myths that you should ignore.


1. Cancer automatically causes death- Thanks to improved treatments and knowledge, cancer does not always result in death. “According to statistics from Cancer Research UK, survival rates for cancer in the UK have doubled in the last 40 years (Readers Digest).”

2. You can’t control your risk for getting cancer- This is absolutely not true. Making dietary and lifestyle changes can reduce your risk for cancer. Eat a healthy diet – fruits and vegetables. Quit using tobacco products, exercise frequently and drink alcohol in moderation.

3. Cell phones cause cancer- Contrary to what many people believe, talking on your cell phone will not cause tumors in your brain. Research explains, there were two-case studies reported by the American Health Foundation and the National Cancer Institute, both of which found no associated between cell phone use and the risk of brain tumors.

4. If it doesn’t run in your family you have nothing to worry about- If there is no sign that cancer runs in your family and you think that you are safe, sorry to break it to you, but that’s completely false. You can get cancer by smoking, spending too much time in the sun, lumps in your breasts and even the change in shape of a mole.

5. Wearing an underwire bra will increase your risk for breast cancer- There have been claims that the underwire in bras compresses the lymphatic system of the breast resulting in breast cancer. This is absolutely false, regardless of what type of bra you wear, the fit, size etc. there is no increased risk for breast cancer.

6. Men can’t get breast cancer- According to WebMD, even though men don’t have breasts like women, they do have a small amount of breast tissue. They explain, the chances of a man getting breast cancer goes up in age, they are most likely to get it between the ages of 60 and 70. Some of the ways they are likely to develop breast cancer include history of radiation exposure to the chest, taking estrogen and diseases in the testicles.


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