Upper Body HIIT Workout To Get You Spring Ready

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I have fallen victim to International Chest Day. Yep! I crushed upper body and I loved it. Now you can join me.

This workout from start to finish should take you 50 minutes. No messing around just get in and punish your upper body then get on with your day. You will thank me after this one!

I got this upper body workout from my 8 week program that was just released last week. Holy ish my chest is on fire.

Here it is:

If you see that the exercise is underlined its because you can click it and it will send you right to the video. And because I’m a bad ass.

The Warm Up 

Jumps in place

OH Squat X 10 Reps

World’s Best Stretch X 5 ea. Way

Push Up to Yoga Pose X 10

Lateral Lunge to Lean X 5 ea. Side

Side Lying Windmills X 5 ea. Side

***Front Plank @ 2:30


Bench Press - 2X10, 2X5, 1X3

Plyo Push Ups - 2X10 Rest for 1:30 between sets

DB 1 Arm Arnold Press - 2X10ea.

Start with Bench to Plyo Push Ups for the first 2 sets

Then do Bench to DB 1 Arm Arnold Press for the next 2 sets


Incline Bench Press - 4X12

DB Pullover - 3X10 Rest for 1:30 in between sets

DB Flat Fly’s - 3X10

Band Tricep Press Down - X50

Push Up Finisher:

Time yourself for how fast you can complete these exercises in order

X10, 5, 3, 1

1st Round = 10 Reps of each 2nd Round = 5 Reps of each 3rd Round = 3 Reps of each 4thRound = 1 Rep for each



Climb to Push Up

Hindu Push Ups

Plank Ups

As you can see it’s pretty intense but if you take your time and follow the rest protocol you will be able to make it through and you will see some huge gains with your upper body muscles.


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