Tone Your Abs and Glutes in 18 Minutes



Ready to burn fat right at home in just 18 minutes with a bodyweight workout? Awesome.

All you need for this one is a speed ladder. Got that? Great, lets get to work.

Don’t have a ladder? No problem. You can still get a great workout in by just changing up a few of the exercises. Don’t worry I’ll walk ya through it.

So here is how it works:


25 Seconds at an all out pace

10 seconds of rest

That equals 1 round. You will do 2 rounds at each station right in a row.

The Stations:

Station #1:

Ladder Hop Scotch

Hand Icky Shuffle

Station #2

Side High Knees

10 High Knees to Jump Squat

Station #3


Burpee to Broad Jump

Station #4

5 Pushups to 10 Yard High Knees

Burpee Push Ups

Station #5

Scissor Kicks

Ladder Icky Shuffle

2 Rounds per station

Rest 1:00 minute in between stations.

Bam! Your at home bodyweight workout is complete!

Try incorporating this bodyweight workout 2-3x/week into your routine and watch the fat melt off your midsection, arms and legs.

Chase It!

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