Tone Every Inch with This 10-Minute Home-Workout



You are a busy mom or dad and it’s been a hectic day. You weren’t able to make it to your scheduled workout because of last minute changes with your kids, job, etc. Well That still is no reason to miss a workout. Shut the TV off, set the kids down for 10 minutes and knock out this simple to do at home workout.

Tone your abs, arms, legs and burn a ton of fat in just 10 minutes!

That’s right - 10 minutes is all you need. Since you won’t need any equipment, you can do this with a friend, child or whoever has the guts to join you.

The Format

20 seconds @ each exercise

2 Rounds

No rest in between rounds

The Exercises 

Set #1

Seal Jacks

1 Arm Mt. Climber

Bent Over Seal Jacks

Again, go for :20 seconds at each, 2 rounds, no rest in between rounds.

Set #2

Single Leg Chair Hops

Chair Dips

Burpee Hip Switch

Same thing, 20 seconds at each, 2 rounds, no rest in between rounds. You should be sweating by now!

The Finisher

21, 15, 9

(Do 21 reps of each, 15, then 9 as fast as possible)

Push Ups (hit knees if need)

Lying Scissor Kicks (each leg)

Lunge Jumps (each leg)

Bing, Bang, Boom! You are done for the day. You spiked your metabolism broke a sweat and now you get to get back with your busy life.

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Chase It!

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