How Your Workout Needs To Change When You're Nearing Your 30's


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The time has come. All the days of high school and college where a lot of us could eat whatever we want, drink whatever and pull all nighters and still wake up to look in the mirror at a ripped body are gone.

If you are like me you are nearing your 30’s. I’m going to be 28 years old  in March and I’m a Dad now. Crazy how time flies. As a fitness enthusiasts and gym owner I’ve noticed a few changes I needed to make now as I get older.

They aren’t drastic changes but they are necessary.

Look, in all honesty keeping my fitness levels in check has gotten a little tougher but nothing that I can’t handle. I see way to many people my age let their health slip away and I’m here to stop it.

Here are some key approaches that you can  now that you are nearing your 30’s. Implement these strategies and you will be on your way to feeling like your 20’s.

1. Make The Time

We are at the age now where we work our ass off to build something we can treasure for the rest of our lives. Simply put I feel like we are in the workhorse stage. We can work 12,14 or even 15 hour days and do it all again the next day (well at-least that’s how I feel). That’s great for our career path but not for our overall health.

To stay fit during your 30’s you have to prioritize your time and carve out at least 1 hour/day to totally crush it in the gym. I know this isn’t the most mind blowing tip but seriously I see so many guys and girls my age now who were in great shape in college but now they are 30-40 pounds overweight.

Why are they overweight? Because they work so damn much!

They wake up, eat, go to work, eat and then go to bed. No time for working out. Not good for muscle mass, hormones and quality of life.

I made this my No. 1 tip because I think it is the most overlooked for people my age.

The Fix: 

Write out your week and set aside 1 hour per day to train. Make it non-negotiable with your wife, boss, family or whoever. You will be more productive at work so the boss will like that and your sex life will be way better so whoever is at home will learn to love that your working out again.

Carve out time in your schedule and get at least 5 days/week of training in. Yes I said it: Get at least 5 days/week of training in. Non-negotiable.

I work 70-80 hours/week and somehow find the time to train 1 hour/day. It’s possible.

2. Keep It Moving (or lose your flexibility) 

Remember I said to carve out at least 5 days/week of training in per week? The reason being that one of the first things we lose as we we get older is our flexibility. Our muscles and connective tissue actually shorten as we get older.

The Fix: 

No it’s not just playing basketball, going for a run or doing yoga every once in awhile. Yeah those help but they are not going to fix our issue of flexibility.

Before you workout get a solid dynamic warm in. A warm up  where you not only stretch but you get some blood to your muscles. This does not have to be hard or strenuous but it should get you to break a sweat.  Get the blood flowing!

Here is a great warm up that takes less than 10 minutes to do:

3. Get Your Heart Thumpin!

Yep. It’s already on the decline. As we get older now our hearts get a little weaker. We get worse at extracting oxygen from our blood and our cholesterol, fatty acids and cholesterol all rise which is a quick way to clog our arteries.

The days of just going to the gym and getting a beach body workout in where we take 5 minutes in between sets are gone.

The Fix: 

Get 2-3 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions in per week.

As a gym owner it’s amusing to see 40 year old women crush a 27-year-old guy who “appears” to be in shape. They do the same workout but the young buck is puking while the stay at home Mom is sprinting by him. Why is the 40 year old mom beating the younger guy? Because she does HIIT sessions 3-4 days/week consistently.

Now that we are older we lose our ability to maintain cardio and high intensity training levels in our body.

The best part about HIIT workouts? They don’t take much time to do. A HIIT workout done right should only take you 30-45 minutes to complete. This is awesome when you think about that time issue we talked about earlier.

Here are 2 examples of short HIIT sessions you can start doing right meow.

4. Combat Your Hormones

Yes. It is true that males can expect testosterone to decrease in their 30’s. How much? Most studies will tell you that it decreases about 1.5 percent per year. We can’t change that but we can sure as hell fight it.

The Fix: 

2 Things: Lifting Heavy and Proper Nutrition.

So I talked about doing HIIT training 2-3 times/week and I said that you have to train at least 5 days/week right? So that leaves us with heavy weight training 2-3 days/week and we are all set.

Aim for a weight that is 70-75 percent of your 1 Rep Max. Keep track of your lifting and always keep in mind the overload principle: “Muscles adapt and grow when they are forced to overcome a resistance they have not experienced before.”

Here are 2 lifts you can start implementing right now.

Simply put, you have to load the weight up 2-3 days/week in order to stimulate the Testosterone Hormone.

Ladies this includes you!

So many ladies are missing out on the opportunity to burn more fat throughout the day by skipping out on adding in heavy lifts throughout the week.

My mentor Justin Grinnell does a great job of telling you how to fix that right here:

Why Weight Training is More Important Than Cardio For Fat Loss

Here are 5 exercises that do a really good job increasing the T levels:



Bench Press

Hang Cleans


Now on to the diet:

A huge culprit for dropping Testosterone levels is processed sugars and saturated fats. Stay away from sugary energy drinks, soda’s and anything with processed sugars. Seriously all they do is suck up your energy, store fat and drop your testosterone levels. Stay the hell away from them.

But there are some foods that actually RAISE your Testosterone levels just by eating them:


Vitamin D

Egg Yolks


Lean cut animal meats



Add these into your diet immediately!

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