How to Get in Shape Just By Walking

Getting fit is easier and a lot more enjoyable than you may think

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Here is some good news for people who don’t like to work out. You’re doing it every time you walk. Nobody thinks of this aerobic activity as an exercise because more than 7 billion people do it daily and it’s not hard. So how could something so easy, low-impact, simple, accessible and, for the most part, enjoyable actually be good for us?

No amount of walking will help you get in shape unless you change your diet from junk to healthy food. Once you make that wise choice, the rest will follow. A study from the University of Utah basically proved that people are made to walk. Researchers had different athletes run in different styles while measuring their oxygen levels at all times. The result was that walking – not running – was most efficient way to stay in shape and lose weight while being easiest on your body.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise a week. Mathematically, that’s 22 minutes a day or 30 minutes five days a week. This is the minimum amount of time you should brisk walk if your goal is to maintain your weight. The new minimum is 250 minutes a week if you want to lose a few extra poundsWalk for half an hour a day for maximum effect. As is the case with every workout, your body will adapt. You will eventually need to increase the intensity or mileage to achieve the same or better results.

Walk Well

Losing about 10 pounds in one month by eating better and walking more is completely realistic, but you have to know how to "promenade" well. When you think of fitness walking, imagine standing tall. Good posture is where it all starts. Straight back, head forward and swinging arms. Heel-to-toe walking is most efficient. Use your abs and hip flexors to move the legs forward. The best speed is usually just a little slower than when you are about to break into a jog.  


Start your walking routine at a moderate speed – about 140 steps a minute. Increase to a brisk pace after a couple of miles. Try speed walking, too. It’s a great aerobic workout that focuses on your legs and also boosts your cardiovascular strength. Finish a mile in 14 minutes or less. Don’t forget to swing your arms with each step.

Try a little more challenging program when you get comfortable with the speed. Do an interval walk. Complete 3.5 miles in 40 minutes by walking at an easy, quick, as-fast-as-you-can, and brisk speed a few minutes at a time. Walk at a steady pace if your goal is to build stamina. Finish three miles in about 45 minutes. For endurance, you should be able to finish four miles in no more than an hour at a speed of about 135 steps a minute. You’ll have to increase the tempo or the mileage as you become more fit.

Add weights

If you want to boost your metabolism, you must build muscle. That can only happen if you do resistance training. So grab a few light weights – 2.5-pound dumbbells, for example – and do bicep curls as you walk. You can also add some exercises for the triceps.

As you continue to make your walking workout more challenging, do something different after every lap on the treadmill or before every speed change. Good options include burpees, jumping jacks and squats.

Take the stairs

This easy trick cannot be stressed enough. Twenty minutes on a Stairmaster can equal more than half an hour on a treadmill. You should at least take the stairs going up to your floor at work. A quick walk up and down a few times, followed by 15-25 jumping jacks, is a great cardio drill to boost your health. Bonus: Your glutes are benefitting greatly. 

Walking is an exercise; doing more of it will undoubtedly lead to soreness. Don’t forget to stretch. (No static stretching before working out!) This is the most neglected part of any workout routine but it’s also one of the most important ones. You just walked for an hour. Stretching for 10 minutes is not going to kill you.

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