A Do-Anywhere, Full-Body Resistance Band Workout



BY:- Work out using a giant rubber band? Sure, why not! Resistance bands are available in a variety of lengths and strengths and, when used correctly, are an awesome, effective way to level up any strength training program   . Plus, they're super convenient to pack up and carry around. What more can you ask for in a piece of fitness equipment?

Ready for an easy-to-follow workout that hits every major muscle group in your body? We asked Ari Zandman-Zeman, owner of Rubberbanditz, to whip up a do-anywhere plan that's fully scalable for all abilities and fitness levels. Zandman-Zeman recommends doing this routine at least two to three times per week. "At least twice per week if you want to be able to brag about your results," he adds.

To see the moves in action, check out the GIFs below!

Greatist Full-Body Resistance Band Workout


Not totally sure how to do these exercises? No problem! Here's what all five moves should look like when performed correctly.