Advanced Upper Body & Core Lift

This 45-minute session is not for beginners

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This workout is not for beginners. It's a combination of a downright mean chest workout coupled with a few back exercises and a core finisher. This upper body lift is definitely intense and will leave your chest, back and biceps screaming for help! This is a great way build definition and shed fat in 45 minutes. Yes, I said 45 minutes. That is all you need for a great chest workout.

Here’s what you need to know: 

Don’t try these exercises until you are absolutely ready (regress when needed).

You will do 1 superset to start. This is a combo of a chest workout mixed with back and core.

You will do 1 tri-set. You will finish with a HIIT circuit targeting the core and arms. 

It should only take you 45 minutes or less. 

Ready to shred your upper body? 

Here we go:


A1: Bench Press  2X10, 2X5

A2: Landmine 3D Raise 3X10


B1: DB Fly to Squeeze Press 3X8

B2: Back Fly to Hammer Curl 3X8

B3: Chin up with Leg Raise 3X Failure (Go til ya can’t go anymore)

HIIT Circuit

30 seconds on

15 seconds of rest between exercises 

One minute rest between rounds 

3 Rounds!! 

C1: Plank Taps

C2: Ring Fly to Fallout

C3: TRX Y to Bicep Curl

C4: TRX Knee Tuck

C5: Weighted Burpees

That’s it! Implement this intense upper body chest workout land watch your gains go through the roof!

Chase It!

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