3 Intense Beach Workouts to Heat Up Your Summer

These tough workouts will have you sweating in the sun

It’s August and it’s no secret that summer is quickly coming to a close, but that’s no reason to prematurely abandon the outdoors for the treadmill at your local gym. Labor Day is still weeks away and the weather surely hasn’t dipped to fall temperatures, so soak up the last bits of summer with these intense beach workouts.

To stay safe and injury-free, be sure to listen to your body, check out our tips for taking your workout to the beach and then get out there.

The Cross Fit Workout
Lauded for its intense cardio and strength training combination, Cross Fit has become hugely popular among fitness fanatics. An added bonus is that many of the workouts can be done anywhere.

Recommended Workout: Some beaches will have equipment for an outdoor gym, but many will not—try this equipment-free routine and don’t forget to warm up and cool down.

Do as many reps of each exercise as you can in one minute (or whatever your fitness level dictates) and keep track of your total. Repeat the circuit once or twice more and try to top your total.

—Jump Squats
—Triangle Push-Up
—30-Meter Bear Crawl

The Runner’s Workout
Head to the beach for your tough run of the week and enjoy the change in scenery and mindset. You can either go about your scheduled run as planned or you can switch it up.

Recommended Workout: Start out with a ten minute warm-up, running on the hard-packed sand by the water. When you’re ready to up the intensity, try some intervals—speed up for a minute (or whatever your fitness level dictates) and then take two minutes to recover in a jog. Remember to incorporate a cool down and, since running on the beach is tougher than taking on the pavement, be sure not to overexert yourself.

The Water-Lover’s Workout
Sure, you could go to the beach and swim, but if you’re looking to try something else (while also enjoying the water), why not incorporate some running?

Recommended Workout: This routine will have you running into the water until it’s up to your waist, then you’ll run parallel to the shore. After two minutes (or whatever your fitness level dictates), you’ll run back to shore and run on the hard-packed sand for two minutes. Then repeat.

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