11 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait Until the New Year to Get In Shape

Here's why to make changes now

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Don’t lie to yourself—you are going to make one, if not 10, New Year’s resolutions. Chances are it will have something to do with your physical appearance.

If you are one of the millions of people who are determined to shake off a few extra pounds—but are looking to do that starting January 1, you know, as a “fresh start”—we are going to give you 13 strong reasons why you should not wait that long.[slideshow:81645]

By all means, enjoy yourself! But not caring about what and how much you eat, or still leading a sedentary lifestyle, doesn’t have to be synonymous with “ happy and relaxed” during the holidays.

The truth is that both are realistically possible.

So, go over our reasons why and keep them close to you as a reminder and a motivation.

1. Don’t be like the rest

A discouragingly few people actually achieve the goals they set for the New Year. It’s even sadder because the top resolution is to lose weight and thus be healthier. Almost half of Americans set an objective but only 8 percent complete it.

Don’t set a deadline but set a goal to just be healthier. “Small changes really make a big difference in changing your eating habits” in the long-run, says Dr. Lisa R. Young, Ph.D. R.D., C.D.N., a nationally recognized nutritionist and an adjunct professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University.

2. Set yourself up for success

Never go “cold turkey” with your diet or exercising. You risk injuries, burnout and stress (and that can cause weight gain). “If you lose 20 pounds fast, you will gain 10 back, I guarantee it,” Dr. Young says. If you’ve never been on a diet, or they never worked for you, you can start with one small change. “If I have to say one thing, that would be watching your portions,” Dr. Young adds. That is not to say that you should keep eating a lot of French fried but try and be conscious of them.

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