Offensive Gym Habits You Need to Stop Doing Now

Offensive Gym Habits You Need to Stop Doing Now

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Chewing Gum


Is your mouth is dry? Drink water! Other than the fact chewing gum during a workout can limit your breathing and cause you to choke, it’s annoying to the people surrounding you. When it dries out, where do you put it? Hopefully not under the water fountain or hidden behind the machines, because come on, that’s just gross. 


For all the attention-seekers lifting weights, chill out — no one wants to hear your grunting. Have respect for others in the gym and stop clanking your weights, being loud and staring at your neighbor’s cardio machine.  If you can’t put your weights down properly, you shouldn’t be picking them up.

Stop Staring

Its difficult not to notice the attractive men and women in the gym, but noticing and staring are two entirely different things. So stop ogling over the girl doing squats or the man doing a bench press. It’s just plain creepy.



So you’re running on the treadmill, texting your friend and reading a magazine at the same time. Are you even focusing on your workout? Multi-tasking can be dangerous, not to mention a huge distraction to you and those next to you.



OK, we get it — music pumps you up. While there’s nothing wrong with plugging in your headphones at the gym, it doesn’t mean you have free reign to belt out your favorite tune. It’s obnoxious and distracting, so please remember you’re at the gym and not a karaoke bar.

Don’t Leave Your Weights

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This has to be one of the most irritating gym habits. People who pile their weights onto bars, use the equipment for a long period of time, then just get up and walk away. Stop leaving your weights on the bar. It’s just rude.

Arriving Late to a Class


Any avid gymgoer knows the frustration that comes with January. Everyone has suddenly decided to lose weight, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, they need to learn to respect the rules of fitness classes. New members tend to arrive late, and can be incredibly disruptive as they try to find the room to drop their mat. If you’re going to attend a class, please arrive on time and be courteous of the other members.


When at the gym, exercise your body, not your mouth. Don’t be the person that goes to the gym to socialize rather than workout as those around you are usually not in the mood to have their concentration disrupted. Tip: Put in your headphones and pretend you don’t hear the person talking. Eventually they will get the hint.

Taking Long Showers

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A gym workout followed by a locker room shower before work is an ideal way to start the day, but some members seem to lack regard for others. You are not the only person in a rush, and taking 20 minute showers is annoying and offensive. We know the water feels good, but wash off and jump out. No need to waste time. Instead of spending an extra 10 minutes washing your hair, bring dry shampoo.

Sweating and Not Cleaning it up

Sweating is rewarding and a huge indication of how hard you worked, but be considerate and wipe off the equipment. Failure to do so is a cardinal sin of the gym, and just plain disgusting. Not only is it gross but also dangerous. Sweat on the floor can cause a person to slip and fall.