What Happens When You Start Drinking Soda

It's not just the sugar that wreaks havoc on your body

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It’s no secret that soda is bad for you, but 48 percent of Americans drink it every day, according to Gallup. The average daily amount is 2.6 glasses, with 28 percent drinking one glass a day, on average, and 20 percent drinking two or more glasses.

The numbers are so high perhaps because people don’t really understand how soda is slowly killing them. Athletes, fitness instructors, nutritionists and other experts often name it as the one thing they wouldn’t touch.[slideshow:82788]

Doug Sklar, founder of PhilanthroFIT Training and certified personal trainer, says he will never drink soda because “it has loads of sugar, empty calories that do not fill you up, and no nutritional benefit whatsoever.”

Ben Boudro, another personal trainer, never drinks soda either. “It’s packed with sugars, carbonation, and other things that the body straight up does not need. Along with dehydration, soda pops store fat and slow you down throughout the day.”

The body is actually worse off after consuming soda because it is depleted of important macronutrients. The sweet beverage, diet or not, hurts you in a lot more ways. So is it really worth the taste?

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