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What to Eat on Vacation That Won't Wreck Your Diet

You won't destroy your diet while on a holiday with these simple healthy spins on your favorite food

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Don’t lie to yourself and think that you are going to eat only fruits, vegetables and fish while on vacation. And you shouldn’t! Holidays are synonymous with having fun, trying something new and treating yourself. So why not break the food monotony?

You are going to have endless options of varieties of foods to choose from wherever you’re going. Sticking to what you have eaten a gazillion times before is probably the worst one.[slideshow:82180]

That said – this is not a free-out-of-jail card for you do be indulging on burgers, fries and beer. You’d be surprised how easy it is to pick healthier and very delicious options. Go ahead and eat pizza, by all means, just pick a slice with more vegetables as toppings. You can still enjoy cookies, of course, but try the ones with figs in them. Challenge yourself and you may even develop a taste for healthy foods, or at least their better alternatives, you never liked before.

You are going to be eating more and that means – if you don’t want to gain weight – you should drink more water, avoid leftovers, and move your body more. Vacations are a time to relax but a short session at the gym or a 30-minute brisk walk will help you maintain your waistline and fitness level. Don’t spend a whole week on the couch because you may lose some of the progress you’ve made. Move as much as you can. Swim if you’re on a tropical island or go ice climbing or snowshoeing if you’re in a ski resort.

Nothing is wrong with indulging but you have to do it the right way. Don’t make overeating sweets and junk food the focus of your time off; once every two of three days is acceptable. Be good the rest of the time with some of the options on this list.

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