Why You Should be Working Out at Night

Reasons why you should be working out at night


Why You Should be Working Out at Night

Not a morning person? No worries, get your workout in at night! According to Misha Breyburg at Six Pack Fitness, “A study conducted at the Clinical Research Center of the University of Chicago found that those who hit the gym after work are more likely to achieve a higher degree of fitness than early bird exercisers.” All the more reason to pack your gym bag before work, and get your workout in right after. Below are some of the many reasons you should be working out at night.


Let out the Days Stress and Frustrations

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Working out at night will help you release the days stress and take your mind off of your troubles. Exercise boosts your endorphins which helps release stress. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag, hit the gym, and sweat out that excess stress tonight!


Time is NOT an Issue


Exercising at night will save you time in the morning! How? Well, we all know that feeling…rushing to the gym early and having to run home, shower, and get ready for work. Why rush in the morning if you don’t have to? Just pack your after work gym bag, and hit the gym right after work. You will feel way more energized and relaxed!


Sleep Better at Night

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Yes, working out at night WILL help you sleep better! After your workout, you are much more relaxed. Exercise helps put your body and mind at ease, subsiding the days stress, and any anxious feelings you may be enduring.  So, start improving your sleep today! Workout at night, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and stop waking up throughout the night!


The Gym is Less Crowded

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We get it, that uncomfortable feeling you get when the gym is too crowded, and the endless amount of time you stand around waiting for your favorite workout equipment. What if I told you there was a way to avoid those frustrations? Just workout at night! There are less people hitting the gym after 7pm.


We are More Energized at Night


It is proven that nighttime workouts are more affective because we have more energy. How so? We eat food all day long. Therefore, we are not fighting hunger or feeling hungry, in turn, giving us more energy for our workout.   


Gives us the Opportunity to Socialize

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Ever notice the morning crowd isn’t usually the most talkative? Working out at night promotes a more sociable atmosphere. This in turn, makes it a great opportunity to meet new people and possibly make some new friends.


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