Dynamic Stretches You Should Include in Your Warm-Up

These 3 moves will help get your body ready for intense exercise

Amid busy schedules and mounting responsibilities, there are days when simply finding time for a quick workout is a feat in itself. When you can only set aside 30 minutes on those hectic days, you might be tempted to skip a few steps in the name of efficiency, but a quality warm-up is one you shouldn’t dismiss.

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A good warm-up helps in a few ways, but the primary purpose is to get your body ready for the exercise ahead. Dynamic stretches help get the blood pumping and actually raise your body temperature, which helps your body transition into more intense exercise. While the moves you choose will largely depend on the exercise ahead, these three moves are some of the best to include in your warm-up.

Walking Lunges
Starting in a standing position, with your fee hip-width apart, take a big step forward with your right foot and then drop your left leg toward the ground, settling into a lunge. Follow that with a slow and steady lunge on the opposite leg; be sure to use good form.

Butt Kicks
Start standing upright and moving slightly forward, while you bring your heels up to glutes. Just like it sounds, your heels should be just about hitting your butt.

Start in down dog, with your hips high and your back straight, and slowly start to walk your hands out, away from your feet. When you’ve made it to push-up position, start walking your feet forward to meet your hands. Take your time and move through the exercise as smoothly as possible.

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