7 Best Total Body Fat Burning Exercises



When all muscles are targeted at the same time, more fat is burned. They get a strength and endurance workout, which means they are able to look more defined faster.

The more muscle your body has, the more calories you burn every day. You need to incorporate weightlifting or other bodyweight strength exercise into your routine.

Keep in mind that everybody needs variety,” Ingrid Wentzel, ACE Personal Trainer & Health Educator, says. A mix of full body combination moves like a squat and medicine ball lift, and isolation moves like triceps extensions and cardio will keep all the systems in good working order.



The deadlift are often recommended by fitness professionals. “They are effective exercises for toning and adding shape to the backside – including the gluteal and hamstring muscles,” Wentzel says. “They work if done correctly by engaging the big muscles at the hip. If not done right, people risk low back strain,” she adds.

This is a full-body exercise working muscles from both your upper and lower body at the same time. “What’s most exciting about it to me is that it is mainly targeting all of the muscles on the back of your body that you might not see, but everyone else does,” Melissa McClusky, Mobile Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, says. Think glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. It also targets your core.

Squatting while doing bicep curls


“This is a great way to get a workout in if you’re pressed for time since you’re able to work multiple body parts in a shorter period of time,” McClusky says. “Using this example, you’d be getting the benefits of mainly targeting your quads and glutes while also adding in some bicep work.”

Adding legs movement to upper body exercises


“Doing compound exercises is a super way to increase overall calorie burn during the workout as well as in the hours afterwards, during the recovery period, Wentzel says. “Beginners should make sure they can do each part correctly before combining any moves, and use a bit less weight than if they did them separately.”

The overhead press lunge is another exercise you can do if you have little time, McClusky says, because you’re able to work multiple body parts in a shorter amount of time. “In this example, you’d be getting the benefits of mainly targeting your quads and glutes while also adding in some shoulder work.” Be careful not to put the lower back at greater risk of strain.



Pushups are a total-body exercise. “The primary muscles used in the pushup are the chest, arms and shoulders, so you should feel them there,” Wentzel says. The muscles of the core (front and back) also work to a certain extent to keep the torso steady during movement. “Where you feel it most may depend on whether you are inclined, on your knees or parallel to the floor,” she adds.



“Diagonal movements like woodchopper with exercise tubing train core muscles to integrate with upper and lower body,” Wentzel says. “With these moves, you don’t have to do hundreds of crunches: just a few done well will do the trick,” she adds.

With your side to the cable, grab the handle with one hand. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. In one motion, pull the handle down and across your body to your front knee. Rotate your torso. Always keep the back and arms straight. Tighten the core. Return in the starting position slowly.



This is a really awesome exercise, McClusky says. “You start with two dumbbells in the push-up position, then row with each arm, then do a squat-clean-thruster, and repeat!”

Put light dumbbells on the floor in front of you. Bend forward to grab them while keeping your back flat. Assume a pushup position but hold onto the weights. Do a one-arm row for each side. Then put your feet together and jump – as you bring your hands, holding the dumbbells to shoulder level – into a squat position. Extend your arms and lower the weights to your shoulders.

Jump rope


Jump rope is an effective way to increase your calorie burn in a quick amount of time, and it forces you to have great posture, working the shoulders, and gets you quick on your feet, Alayne Rowan, personal trainer and a fitness instructor, says.

I would recommend jump rope as a 3x-4x per week workout,” “Like everything, if you do it all the time, your body gets used to it, or it gets injured from repetitive motions,” she adds.

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