The 22 Worst Things You Can Do For Your Body

It's not enough to know what you should do; being aware of what to avoid is crucial

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When it comes to the human body, we are our own worst enemy. Diseases are most often the result of a person’s own choices. There in mind, many illnesses and chronic conditions are preventable.

Longevity is voluntary and totally up to you. But to live longer and better, you need to know how to not harm your body. A study has shown that the top non-genetic factors contributing to deaths were lifestyle and behavior.

The good news is that the body doesn’t suddenly crash. It sends many signals prior to an ER visit. The other good news is that you can save yourself thousands of dollars by staying healthy while simultaneously to avoid doctors and hospitals.[slideshow:82626]

“Health without quality of life is like a fancy car without fuel,” says Dr. Jeffrey R. Steinbauer, CMIO Baylor College of Medicine and Professor of Family Community Medicine. “In caring for your health, how you manage your internal emotional and spiritual life is equally important. In some cases it is even more important. Failure to manage this results in depression, unhappiness, anxiety and general lack of quality of life,” he adds.

Like it or not, longevity comes at a price. You have to steer clear of certain damaging behaviors, sometimes for not very obvious reasons. It’s not enough to exercise and eat enough fruits and vegetables every day. You also have to be aware of what not to do.

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