15 Pets More Athletic Than You

They can surf, ride bikes, swim and set world records

More than 21 percent of adult men and 25 percent of adult women report no physical activity, other than going to and coming back from work, according to United Health Foundation.

Articles about what prolonged sitting does to your body are in abundance online. So are stories about how people can become more active.[slideshow:89252]

If none of them work, the following list of very athletic animals may do the trick – whether because you’re embarrassed that a four-legged canine can play football better than you or because you love your furry friend and want to entertain it by exercising together.

Research has shown that dog owners are 54 percent more likely to reach the weekly recommended amount of physical activity.  

In the age of social media pets prove over and over again that they are a lot more than a person’s loyal companion. They can surf, ride bikes so well that the government hires them to promote road safety, swim and set world records, compete in triathlons, bowl and even scuba dive.

Cats usually have a reputation of being lazy, but maybe they haven’t been given a chance. What if they can skate or ski and you never knew?

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