13 Trending Workouts to Try in 2016

Certain exercises are gaining popularity for good reasons

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The official list of fitness trends for 2016 released by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has something for every type of gym enthusiast. The new winner is also a trend that hasn’t been around for long – wearable technology.

“A trend is a movement that’s really working,” Jill Brown, personal trainer, fitness instructor and a wellness coach, says. “It’s not a fad that comes and goes.” The real trends show how exercising has changed for the better. The wearable technology market, which includes fitness trackers, smart watches, heart-rate monitors and GPS tracking devices, will approach $5.4 billion by 2016, according to ACSM.[slideshow:82058]

So you don’t have to even go to the gym to be part of the hot trend. Working on body strength has gradually become more and more popular slowly catching up the goal of losing weight and devices can help by monitoring your individual lifestyle.

But what about actually exercising? People focus more on exercises that will help them perform everyday tasks easier and pain-free, Zachary Davis, personal trainer and fitness instructor at Body Exchange Fitness in Texas, says. “People are more concerned with long-term health and fitness.”

Many go to boutique studios because they get obsessed with one kind of workout, Brown adds. A regular gym may offer a variety of classes – spinning, yoga, Zumba, etc. – but are only interested in one. So you join a studio. There are more of those than ever before, she adds.

If one part of the body has to be pointed out as the universal area that is focus on, that will be the abs, Davis says. They are the most important part to have strong core, which includes the abs, obliques, and lower back. Strong abs means proper posture and no lower back pain.

The following trending workouts include those listed in the ACSM survey as well as several others that professional fitness instructors say are here to stay:

1. Functional Fitness

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“This is the biggest thing I see changing,” Davis says. “People start to use more of their own bodyweight.” The term may sound confusing but it really means doing exercises that improve the overall balance and coordination of your body. TRX programs are a good example of functional training. It focuses on strength exercises that increase endurance and flexibility so your body has a wide range of motion. All of this helps you perform everyday activities easier. It’s a lot safer, Davis says, because you’re fully supported as opposed to putting a bar on your shoulders while squatting.

2. High-intense interval training

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HIIT training has been around for a few years but it’s peaking now because there is more research showing how effective it is when done properly, Brown says. Only 20 minutes of intense training can bring the same result as an hour or more at the gym. Who has so much time to spare anyway these days…Davis has a preferred circuit training: 10 movements in 10 minutes; each exercise is done for 40 seconds with a 20-second break in between.

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