Fitness Tip of the Week: Increase Your Metabolism Naturally

Two easy ways to naturally boost your metabolism and burn more calories
Wiki/ embhoo, Licensed under Creative Commons

Looking for ways to naturally increase your metabolism without taking supplements? Good news: you can naturally increase your metabolism via thermogenic foods and through strength training to elicit the afterburn effect! 

Thermogenic Foods
Foods such as green tea, ice water, green veggies and high-fiber and high-protein foods are highly thermogenic. Implement more of these foods into your diet to boost your metabolism.

Strength Training
You can also boost your metabolism with strength training. Strength training in general can help boost your metabolism by building muscle, which burns more calories than fat. You can also train to elicit an afterburn response

These super high-intensity workouts tax your body so effectively that you burn calories long after the workout is over as your body works to return to its normal state. I’m talking about burning an extra 150+ calories over the course of 38 hours after your workout. Now that's a metabolism boost.

Josh Anderson is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and the CEO of Always Active Athletics.

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