Fitness Tip of the Week: Change Up Your Grip

Add a simple, challenging twist to your workouts by simply changing your grip

We are always looking for new exercises to help tax our muscles more, get us over a plateau or just help change the workout up! 

But this can sometimes be hard when you only have a limited amount of equipment, like if you work out at home. A great option to help get around this is to simply change up your grip, or the way you hold the weight, in order to work the muscles differently.

For instance, when it comes to pull-ups you can perform them with a super-wide, close, neutral or reverse grip. You can even use a combination of these different grips. 

Or when it comes to bicep curls on a barbell some common grips you can use are, once again, super-wide, close, reverse or neutral. The same can be said for the bench press. Whatever exercise you are doing, there is always a way to tweak it ever so slightly in order to hit the muscles differently and change up your workout!

Josh Anderson is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and the CEO of Always Active Athletics