Fitness Tip: Thin Soles Strengthen Feet

Work out your feet by switching shoes for indoor cardio

“When gearing up for an indoor cardio workout, be mindful of what you’re putting on your feet! I recommend a minimally cushioned shoe that’s comfortable and lets you articulate through your mid-foot and toes when you move. Minimally soled shoes will lighten your force (read: less joint stress and overuse) and build the intrinsic muscles of the foot over time. This being said, don’t go from a very cushy shoe to a ’five finger’ shoe overnight. Instead, slowly taper on to lower and lower levels of support over 12 or more weeks.”

Ariel Iasevoli is a Crunch personal trainer who helps people condition their movement patterning and get in shape. She’s a certified ACE Personal Trainer, Hardstyle Kettlebell instructor, Kettlebell Athletics instructor, and is TRX suspension training certified. Her website is

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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