Fitness Tip: When Double Workouts Work Best

Running twice in the same day builds endurance for long races

“As a runner, anything you can do to boost endurance and mileage will benefit your progression, so favoring a double-run (running twice in the same day) as ‘running more’ is the best way to increase endurance. Double-runs also facilitate efficient recovery. Studies have shown that a primary benefit of double-runs is that this carbohydrate-burning activity puts your body at a depleted glycogen state, which increases fat oxidation, ultimately leading the body to become fit faster. This type of training would be most beneficial if you’re in the middle-third of your 12-week training before a big event or marathon, where the training intensity increases and you prepare to hit your peak time and distance before the big day.”

Kristi Ann Schopfer started out her career as a professional dancer and now works as a Crunch Personal Trainer in New York City. Men’s Fitness named her one of seven “female trainers who can kick your butt.”

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.