Fitness Tip: Dial Down the Intensity

Long, moderate intensity workouts are foundation for endurance training, fat loss

“Long, low-intensity training is the foundation for success for both high-level endurance athletes and those looking to improve overall fitness. Training sessions of an hour and a half or more at around 60% of max heart rate gradually improve aerobic power, specific strength, and prepare the body for more intense efforts or races. Training at lower intensity also reduces the likelihood of injury or the overtraining that can result from too much high-intensity training too soon. Additionally, when training at moderate intensity, your body burns fat as a primary fuel source. This is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their BMI to a more healthy level. For our team, these long, slow distance sessions are typically 3+ hours of running or cycling at comfortable ‘talking pace’ in the mountains near Denver.”

David Stewart has been the Nordic Skiing Head Coach at the University of Denver for 6 years and has led the Pioneers to three consecutive NCAA Championships. He also won the overall American Ski Marathon Series in 2005.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski.

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