Fitness Tip of the Day: Swim from the Spine

Alternate between relaxing and engaging muscles in the water

“The key to swimming is ultimately not about being powerful, but about being conservative and precise in your movements. Try this Total Immersion swimming exercise to conserve energy and eliminate tension. Start by lying face down on the water, then lengthen the spine from head to tail to hold a straight form as you glide forward gently. On the next few glides, try to locate places of unnecessary tension in your body. Once you notice a tension point, turn it off by wiggling it, stretching it, or gently shaking it loose. Then take 3 or 4 strokes and focus on relaxing that tension point. When you return to lap swimming sets, think back to those relaxation points. You’ll conserve energy by relaxing in one part of the body while the other parts still have to work.”

—Mat Hudson is a Total Immersion Master Coach and Mediterra International Swimming Head Coach. He has been involved in swim training for 24 years first as a pool competitor, then as an Olympic-distance triathlete.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski